2019 Best Streaming Apps for Android Smart TV

Android Smart TVs, thanks to the best streaming apps have changed the way we entertain ourselves through media, movies, TV shows, sports, and documentaries. But the device alone isn’t enough.

You need some top-quality applications to manage and organize media content. Today we are going to shortlist best streaming apps for Android Smart TV in 2019. Before that, it is important to have a look at the benefits of Android Smart TV.

Best Streaming Apps for Optimal Performance

It opens doors to endless streaming options that are not available with a conventional TV set. You can use an Android Smart TV to play videos and music of your choice. You can install scores of streaming apps and add-ons to access thousands of videos and hundreds of TV channels. For optimal performance, you need to install the best streaming apps, for instance, Kodi, Netflix, and VLC media player.

Before You Use Best Streaming Apps for Android TV!

Nothing comes without something to worry about. Yes, best streaming apps for Android Smart TV are impressive but only if you protect your internet connection. 100s of advertising agencies are trying to get more and more personal information of the internet users. They pay ISPs to purchase the previous database.

In addition, when you Live-Stream TV channels, you become vulnerable because of the govt. agencies have authorized access to your online activities. If you access to copyright-protected content from the internet, the red-flag rises and it puts you in an unwanted situation, you can even face a trial and may have to serve prison for a few months.

You can avoid all these problems by simply using a credible VPN service. The VPN service hides your personal information. It guards your internet activities and browsing history. It disguises the information about your network including your IP address. These measures ensure that your ISP doesn’t stand a chance of extracting any information you want to keep private.

Browsing history and private information safekeeping are also very important because the leakage of this critical information can aid anyone in tracking you down. This is useful whenever you decide to use the internet, and not only while using Kodi.
This is the reason why we recommend IPVanish which is a paid, subscription-based service and we have done our research and found out that this VPN is better than others in a lot of ways.

Why Use Best Streaming Apps on Your Android Smart TV?

An Android Smart TV is just a device. Think about your own body. It constantly requires food and exercise to perform certain activities. Best streaming apps are food to your Android Smart TV. These apps boost the device’s capabilities and optimize its performance. But it doesn’t mean that you need to keep installing whatever you come across. You only need to look for the best and to facilitate you, here is our list of best streaming apps for Android Smart TV in 2019.

1. Kodi

Nothing seems more popular than Kodi, one of the most reliable media organizers you can find till date. This media organizer is the ultimate source of entertainment especially when you are using an Android Smart TV or Amazon Firestick.

Kodi continues to impress because scores of developers are releasing exclusive Kodi apps. Most of them are unofficial but there are some official Kodi add-ons you can download.

We rank Kodi higher than anything else for the fact that the developers keep an eye on the performance of the add-ons. They keep eliminating certain add-ons which fail to perform. This consistent check ensures that the currently available add-ons are still doing a great job. As soon as an add-on fails to impress, the developers restrict it to maintain the high standards they have set for Kodi.

Some Kodi add-ons are exclusive, for instance, some offer only movie sources, some offer TV channels, and some offer just Sports channels. And there are multi-purpose on-demand add-ons as well. If you have installed Kodi on your Android Smart TV, you are not going to miss an episode, a movie, a sports event, or a TV show.

2. Netflix

TV Shows, documentaries, kid’s entertainments, and movies, they all are the essentials of top-quality entertainment and Netflix is the first name that comes to mind for its quality. If you don’t have installed Netflix on your Android Smart TV then how can you expect it to entertain you?

There are scores of Netflix Original releases in addition to other productions. The administration keeps updating the library on a regular basis. It ensures that you keep getting the latest releases as soon as they are available. You get the notifications through emails and on the app as well.

The best thing is how it organizes media content for you. It anticipates what you are looking for on the basis of your streaming trends. No other app does it better than Netflix.

Only a few apps offer 4K video streaming, Netflix is one of them. To make thing even better, Netflix charges you in local currency. For instance, the Indians pay in Indian Rupee, the American pay in US Dollar, and the British pay in GBP, etc. 

3. Puffin TV

For any Smart TV, Puffin TV is a must. Technically, it is a browser and it is formally called Puffin Browser for TV. This is arguably the most user-friendly app which is basically a web browser compatible with Smart TVs including Android Smart TV. It features a sync option that allows you to integrate it with your smartphone.

On technical grounds, Puffin TV is different than other media streaming platforms but its layout is similar to a standard streaming platform. The application enables you to access top-quality music, videos, movies, and TV shows. The browsing speed is exceptional. Moreover, Puffin TV supports Adobe Flash.

Because Puffin TV uses different unofficial sources to media content, you need to maintain the privacy of your streaming activities. Make sure to initiate the VPN before launching Puffin TV app.

If the above listed best streaming apps for Android Smart TV aren’t sufficient then you can try optimizing your experience by installing the following three apps.


You may call it an alternative to Kodi. When it comes to the Android TV apps, Plex takes pride in being the pioneer. It allows you to play videos stored on the smartphone or the host device. You can also use it to stream content uploaded to OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive. In addition to being a media player, it is also an impressive media organizer.

VLC Media Player

Yes, you can install VLC Media Player on your Android Smart TV. This media player is known for its versatility. It is perhaps the only media player that is compatible with all formats to date. If a file doesn’t run on VLC Media Player, the only reason is that ‘file is corrupt’.

Steam Link

If you want to stream a video from PC on your Android Smart TV or any other Android Device then you need to consider Steam Link. You can stream games even up to 4K resolution. There is no need to look for the HDMI cable anymore. Steam Link does it all wireless.

Check Your VPN

Keep an eye on your VPN and its performance while streaming media content. Some VPNs promise a lot but lack some important features. It is better to spend some time testing the shortlisted options and then select the one you find the best. Install it, initiate it and enjoy streaming limitless on your Android Smart TV.