5 Reasons to Subscribe for Plex Pass

Plex is arguably one of the most popular media streaming platforms and a true competitor to Kodi. The recent release of the Plex Free Streaming Service  (ad-supported) has triggered a new debate and it is important to answer some of the questions asked by the media streaming geeks. Today, we are going to enlist 5 reasons to subscribe to Plex Pass because a huge majority of Plex users think that the free Plex Streaming Service should serve the purpose. Don’t forget that the free streaming service from Plex generates revenue from ads. Secondly, like any other free digital service, the Plex streaming service also lacks some important features that are only available via Plex Pass.

benefits of Plex Pass

What Exactly is Plex Pass?

what is Plex Pass

Plex is basically a versatile Media Server that is capable of playing your media on a variety of apps supported by Android, Roku, Apple, Android TV, Fire TV, Xbox, and PlayStation, etc. But you have to pay $4.99 for each of these apps. But with the Plex Pass subscription, you don’t have to pay anything to run media on any of these apps. But this is not the only good reason to subscribe to Plex Pass. Before we move on to the salient exclusive features of Plex Pass, let us not forget the importance of network speed, device protection, privacy, avoiding geo-restrictions, and anonymity.

Install the Best VPN for Media Streaming

There are multiple reasons you need to install a VPN. Before selecting the best VPN for Plex and other streaming apps, you need to know what exactly a VPN is and how it works. The encryption algorithm is what helps a VPN to minimize streaming buffering on Plex and other streaming platforms. The reason is that an effective VPN service has a worldwide network of servers and all the information and data travel through a virtual tunnel. The ISP or any other entity fails to extract this information and as a result, the ISPs don’t even notice your online activities. This is why your connection remains protected from speed throttling.

Which VPN do you need to opt for? Free vs. Paid VPN is a frequently discussed topic but we always recommend a paid VPN service. The reason is that free VPNs have data caps and other restrictions. They have a limited network of servers so it makes it hard for you to use an IP address from the location you want.

install IPVanish for Plex

iPVanish is our top recommendation for Plex and other streaming apps. The reason is that it has a global network of servers, the service is consistent, and it doesn’t keep the activity log of its users. We have tried over 20 paid VPNs and we keep evaluating their updates on a regular basis but it looks as if, as we experienced in 2019, iPVanish will continue to rule in 2020 as the best VPN for Plex and other media streaming apps.

iPVanish is the best VPN if exceptional privacy, sturdy connection, optimal data capacity, and fool-proof anonymity are the features you are looking for. We have used various add-ons and plugins to check the streaming performance with iPVanish in place. The results are extremely satisfying. On top of that, iPVanish 7-Day Free Trial gives you the perfect chance to use the VPN for free to evaluate the performance of its features.  

Top 5 Features of Plex Pass

Plex Pass subscription plans

As mentioned earlier, free apps aren’t the only benefit of Plex Pass. There are some other good reasons to subscribe to Plex Pass. Let’s have a quick look!

1. Live TV

With an HD antenna, you get access to Live TV with Plex Pass. The good thing is that in addition to watching Live TV, you could also record it. There was a time when this feature was standard but now Plex only offers it to the Plex Pass subscribers.

2. DVR

Good news for cord-cutters! Plex Pass offers DVR functionality to optimize Live TV so you don’t have to worry about the lack of the number and quality of channels.

3. Mobile Sync

This feature becomes handy when you are offline. For instance, you are camping somewhere in the countryside where you don’t easily find 3G or 4G service. This feature entertains you when things start to get quite boring because of the absence of an internet connection.

4. Cloud Sync

The Cloud media sync is available with Plex Pass you don’t have to worry too much above storage space. This feature also becomes handy if your home network is offline for some reason and you can easily access your media content via Cloud service you use.

5. No Ads

Plex interface

Remember, the recently released free Plex Streaming Service is ad-supported. Though they claim that the frequency of ads is 50% less than that of other free streaming apps but it still is frustrating. Plex Pass lets you get rid of this annoying stuff and perhaps this is the most significant reason to subscribe for Plex Pass.


Though Plex is a reliable streaming platform still you need not underestimate the importance of privacy, device protection, and anonymity especially when it comes to accessing premium media content and Live TV. Make sure to install the best VPN service for Plex for optimal streaming performance.

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