Ares Wizard Alternatives vs Saints Wizard

Kodi is a one-stop destination for all cord cutters who are looking for ways to stream videos for free. Installing addons enhances and modifies it considerably and one such addon is the Ares Wizard. It was capable of many things with multiple features. It was one of the most popular repositories on Kodi. It helped the users install add-ons to view their favorite content.

Unfortunately, it shut down recently due to crisis and pressure from the Hollywood studios. Ever since it shut down, many alternatives have come up and taken over the market. Some of the many options include Kryptonite, Razers, Jeds, Cosmic Saints, etc. All these alternatives have their pros and cons.

Amongst all, Cosmic Saints Wizard has been performing plausibly well. There was a survey that took place on basis of the Ares alternatives downloaded by the users. Cosmic Saints Wizard moved up from the 30th position to the 2nd in no time.

The main reasons behind it are that its versions are available in various file sizes and the wide range of add-ons it offers. One needn’t worry about the restraint of space they have on their device anymore. Its file is available in a file size as small as 88mb to larger sizes as per requirement.

It also has multiple builds – some of the builds are Leviathan, Cosmic Kids, 4K Build etc; all of different sizes. Saints Wizard works on all devices and can be installed using simple steps.

Its list of channels ranges from live TV, sports, kids, movies, weather and system, TV shows etc. On basis of reviews of viewers, they say that Saints wizard has no buffering and offers great video content and quality.

The add-on has something special in store for Android users; which means that you get additional benefits if you use Kodi on an Android tablet or Firestick. Another striking feature about this add-on is the unnecessity of adding repositories to access the content. It has a built-in backup and cleaning program installed within. One can explore and configure to their heart’s content.

This addon functions in a neat and tidy way with well-organized content and easy accessibility. It gives full leverage to the user to explore and do test runs with its handy ‘restore’ option. It has a folder with ‘maintenance tools’. This folder has extremely useful tools which perform efficient functions. One can clear cache files, old data, remove add-ons etc to make keep Kodi clean and trash-free.

Some inconvenience could be caused due to the ‘autoclean’ tool of the addon. It induces pop-up ads and some other hassles. This can be overcome by unchecking the auto-clean option in the settings.  After the taking down of Ares Wizard, it has been hard to maintain a clean and tidy Kodi installation; but the alternatives are doing quite a good job.

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