Beginner’s Guide to Install CyberFlix TV on Firestick & Android TV Box

This step-by-step guide will help you easily install CyberFlix TV on Firestick. We’ll also guide you on how to install CyberFlix TV on Android TV Box.

If you have ever used Terrarium TV then you must have been thinking about having something equal or better now. We have got great news for you; CyberFlix TV is just what you are looking for. You can call it the updated version of Terrarium TV. The functionality is impressive and you get tons of promising sources to HQ videos. If you love watching the latest TV shows and movies in HD quality, you can install CyberFlix TV on Firestick or Android TV.

Why Install CyberFlix TV on Firestick?

For the beginners, it doesn’t make much difference because they have to get used to different add-ons, check each of them on trial basis, and then shortlist a few on the basis of the performance on add-ons. If you are a beginner, we simply recommend to install CyberFlix TV on Firestick because it is basically the updated version of a popular app.

Experienced users know the power of Terrarium TV app. It was a popular app and millions around the world used it but unfortunately, Terrarium TV app is no more available. Since its discontinuation, people have been looking for something similar or even better but failed to find one until the release of CyberFlix TV.

CyberFlix TV is an Android application that allows you to stream TV shows and Movies. This is actually a clone from Terrarium TV. The interface is pretty much the same which we had with its predecessor. But the number of high-quality sources have increased. For optimal results, you can pair CyberFlix with Real-Debrid premium account.

First Thing First!

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Geo-restrictions stop you from accessing certain movies, TV shows, and other videos. To access more videos while maintaining your privacy and protecting your network, you need to install a reliable VPN. It will allow you to access more and more streaming sources the app has to offer. It keeps your activities secret. Your ISP and government agencies can’t monitor your internet connection if the VPN is ON.

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Steps to Install CyberFlix TV on Firestick

CyberFlix is not an official Amazon app so you don’t find it on Amazon Store. You can only access unofficial apps if you allow the device to download apps from third-party sources. So you need to do as follows:

  • Launch Firestick, select Settings
  • Select My Fire TV (Device)
  • Select Developer options
  • Now select ADB Debugging
  • Finally, enable Apps from Unknown Sources

Now the device is ready to download apps from community/third-party sources.

Install the ‘Downloader’ App

As you know that CyberFlix is not available on Amazon Store, you need an application that can download the CyberFlix from a third-party source. In this case, we mostly recommend the Downloader app.

  • Access the home screen of Firestick and select the magnifying glass “Search”
  • Type Downloader
  • Select the option that exactly reads Downloader
  • Select Get

It will take a few seconds to install the application. Once it is done, you need to use the Downloader app for the installation of CyberFlix.

Download CyberFlix TV App on Firestick

First of all, make sure to turn the VPN service ON because now you are going to install an unofficial streaming application.

  • Launch Downloader app and type the following link in the URL field.

  • Select Go
  • The app will start downloading which takes no more than a minute or two depending on the speed of your internet connection. After the completion of the downloading process, scroll down to select Install
  • After the installation process completes, hit Back/Return button on the remote and then a message will appear asking you if you want to Delete the apk. If storage space is an issue, then it is better to Delete the apk because deleting it doesn’t make any difference to the app you have installed.
  • CyberFlix TV is available on your Firestick. Make sure to first check the VPN status. If it is OFF, then turn it ON.

Step-by-Step Guide to Install CyberFlix TV on Android TV Box

This process is pretty simple and must not take more than 10 minutes. First of all, you need to enable third-party apps permission on the TV Box.

  • Select Setting
  • Select Personal
  • Select Security & restrictions
  • Enable Unknown Sources

Now is the time to look for a file manager. There is no better option than ES File Explorer. Download it from Google Play Store if you haven’t installed it before.

After installing ES File Explorer, launch it, access Tools > Download Manager > New

You can either insert the name of the app or the path to the source.

After inserting the link above, the download manager will access the file and once it does, you need to select Open File. It will install CyberFlix TV on the device. Close ES Explorer and access the App list on the device. Select CyberFlix and launch.

Safety Comes First!

Accessing more number of add-ons and sources makes your device vulnerable. ISPs and govt. agencies can monitor your browsing history and online activities. And they can do it with all the devices you’ve connected to your internet connection. To protect all of your devices simultaneously, you can opt for a VPN-enabled Router. This solution means that you don’t have to install VPN on different devices. It saves time and keeps working all the time so there remains no need to keep checking the VPN status whenever you launch a device or an app.