Best All in One Kodi Addons 2019

There are guys who don’t want to spend too much time and effort on installing different addons for different quests so they love relying on the best all in Kodi addons. Here we bring you the list of working all in one Kodi addons in 2019. You can also check out our exclusive list of best working Kodi addons (August 2019 Update).

WARNING: Must Install a VPN!

It is our foremost obligation to warn and guide you about accessing media content without the protection of a reliable VPN service. There are various benefits of installing a VPN and the biggest advantage is that you don’t have to worry about accessing geo-restricted and copyright protected media.

How VPN works

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Our List of Best Working All in One Kodi Addons 2019

1. Deceit

Deceit is arguably the most popular all in one Kodi addon still operational in 2019. It is a product of OneNation, the developers of Collusion Build. The addon features TV Shows, Movies, Live TV, X-Mas Crackers, Movies, Anime, UK Radio, Cartoons, Podcasts, and more. You can pair this addon with Trakt and Real Debrid for better results.

2. Death Star

The best thing about Death Star is that it is the result of the combined efforts of over 10 developers and it basically carries 30 addons. The addons under Death Star include UKODI1, EzZeRmAn, NOLENATION, EXPOSE, ONENATION, DNA, and more. With more developers joining the team, Death Star continues to improve. It offers impressive streaming sources to TV Shows, Movies, Live Sports, Live TV, Radio, Kids Content, Music, Documentaries and more.

3. The Magic Dragon

Image result for the magic dragon addon logo

The Magic Dragon is the talk of the down these days because more and more add-ons are disappearing from the platform so people don’t want their favorite all in one Kodi addon to vanish. This addon continues to amaze us with links to HD content including TV Shows, Sports, Radio Channels, Movies and more. Check out our guide to install The Magic Dragon Kodi Addon.

4. Exodus Redux

Image result for Exodus REdux Kodi Addon

Don’t underestimate this all in one Kodi addon just because of its name is similar to another impressive Kodi addon. We have found that Exodus Redux is by no means a clone of the original because it is a completely different thing altogether. It offers you much more than Movies and TV shows. Lambda scraper empowers the users of this addon to access HQ media content for various categories. Exodus specializes in Movies and TV shows whereas Exodus Redux is an all-rounder.

5. 7of9 (AIO)

Related image

The name of this addon is suggestive of the fact that it is going to offer multiple categories. The add-on contains a huge list of including podcasts, IPTV, Documentaries, Music, Sports, TV Shows, Movies, and more. This addon also features sources to adult content but for that, you need to unlock the section by using a password. As we are personally not fond of such content so we don’t want to promote adult content so let’s move to the next addon.

6. Guillermo Tell

Related image

This may not be as popular as some other all in one Kodi addons but let us tell you this might just be the one you have been looking for. Guillermo Tell features over 30 categories at the moment which include Marvel Movies, Live TV Channels, Disney Cartoons, DC, Documentaries, One-Click Movies, and more. The best thing about Guillermo Tell is that is features latest releases you’d love to enjoy.

7. Death From Above

Image result for Death from Above Kodi addon

Falcon is a popular Kodi addon developer and veterans know how good their addons are. Most of the Falcon-developed Kodi addons were taken down but Death From Above is a real deal. The addon offers Movies, Kids content, IPTV, and Live Sports, etc.

8. Sanity

Image result for Sanity Kodi Addon

Sandman repository contains Sanity, a relatively new addition to Kodi addons. The only thing we don’t like is the requirement of membership of a Telegram group, but it really isn’t a tough ask. The best thing is that Sanity serves you with extremely reliable links to an extensive variety of video content. It really is a major go!

9. IT

Experienced Kodi users tend to miss 13Clowns, a popular addon but with the passage of time, a number of clones jumped in. But the good news is that among those clones, we have a promising all in one Kodi addon named IT. It has an extensive variety of content in its libraries featuring TV Shows, Movies, Cartoons, Documentaries, and YouTube Videos. Navigation is simple and quick and you can easily browse various videos, categories, languages, and genres. Along with curated playlists, it also features monthly spotlights to notify you about the potentially worthy videos you might love.


It always feels good to have so much at disposal via these all in one Kodi addons but make sure to protect your network and devices with the help of a VPN. Have a great time and let us know via comments if you find an addon that doesn’t work anymore so that we can update our post.

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