Best Japanese TV Kodi Addons

Japanese TV serials have made a huge mark by impressing the worldwide audience. Amazon Prime and Netflix have done a tremendous job to bring Japanese TV in the mainstream over the past few years. But why pay extra money when you can watch Japanese TV for free?

Thanks to Kodi, it is now possible to stream Japanese TV and on-demand videos via dozens of reliable add-ons. Today, we are going to list down the best Japanese TV Kodi addons. Streaming Japanese TV had never been this easy from anywhere out of Japan but some impressive Kodi addons continue to facilitate Japanese TV fans across the globe.

If you, for one reason or another, are not interested in Japanese TV then have a look at the best working Kodi addons in September 2019.

What is Kodi?

On technical grounds, Kodi I nothing more than a media player. But in reality, this is arguably the best media organizer that is as good as Plex. The significance of Kodi elevates to a new level, above any other media player, because of its official and third-party add-ons. These add-ons make it possible for you to use Kodi to stream almost anything from anywhere in the world.


We must not forget that Japanese TV is an exceptional case because you don’t find too many Kodi add-ons which bring links to Japanese TV on-demand or live streaming. The options are limited but still, we have managed to select a few working Kodi addons to watch Japanese TV for free.

Before Installing Kodi Addons for Japanese TV!

Before you install the best Japanese TV Kodi addons, it is important to know that all Kodi addons are not official. In fact, a huge majority of Kodi Addons comes from third-party developers. These add-ons are also called community addons and you have to change the downloading settings to allow the device to download addons from unknown sources.

How VPN works

Using Third-Party addons carries a risk though! These add-ons often feature links to copyright-protected content. It could put you in an unwanted situation because your ISP is constantly monitoring your online activities. Basically, government agencies collect this information from ISPs to keep a check on internet users. If you access copyright-protected content you might be handed over with a legal notice. It might well force you to serve the prison for a few months.

Download a VPN

The solution is simple than you think though. A credible Virtual Private Network comes with multiple features. This is the one and the only solution to get rid of security vulnerabilities, copyright issues, speed-throttling, and geo-restrictions. Make sure to compare different VPN services before you select one to install. If you are too busy to go through various VPN services then our recommendation will make things easier for you.

iPVanish comes with multiple features. First of all, this VPN uses an impressive encryption algorithm to keep away ISPs and hackers. The end-to-end encryption helps you to go anonymous because your ISP doesn’t get a chance to extract your information. The data travels through a virtual tunnel that can’t be breached.

Get iPVanish 7-Day Free Trial

The free trial is the best way to evaluate any service before purchasing a service. iPVanish offers 7-Day free trial and you can also get discount on iPVanish annual plan by clicking here.  

iPVanish is better in many ways, it is compatible with MacOS, Linux, and Windows, etc. It uses CyberSec to protect your devices from malware attacks. You can use iPVanish on 6 different devices with only one subscription. It is compatible with a variety of browsers including Firefox and Google Chrome. The best feature is that iPVanish serves you with IPs from 60 countries thanks to its global network.

Top 3 Japanese TV Kodi Addons  

We have come up with the best Japanese TV Kodi addons and in addition, we also have the best Repository for Japanese TV.

1. GoodFellas 2.0

This is something more than an ordinary Live TV addon. GoodFellas 2.0 serves you with Japanese TV, NASA streams, UFC Fights, and weather channels. This is why we love this add-on because it facilitates you with something different than mainstream-only version.

oodFellas 2.0 Kodi addon

We have noticed that there are a few issues with the stability of this add-on but still is it worth trying. Some of the links it brings don’t work all the time though. But still, GoodFellas 2.0 has plenty to offer as long as you are looking streaming sources to Japanese TV. In addition, GoodFellas 2.0 offers links to US TV channels (through its Sweetlist).

2. IcDrama

You don’t find too many Kodi add-ons that give access to a bunch of Asian TV programs. IcDrama is another rare Japanese TV Kodi addon that brings something different.

IcDrama addon

Guide to Install IcDrama Kodi Addon (2020 Update)

This add-on facilitates you with a variety of sections including recent updates, saved list, HK Movies, HK Drama, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Chinese, and more. This is the best option for those interested in Asian TV channels.

3. Catch-Up TV & More

Catch-up videos, Live TV and more options are available with this Kodi add-on. The best news is that this add-on brings streaming sources to Japanese TV. You can opt whether you want to enjoy Catch-up videos or Live TV.

Catch-up TV & More addon

Catch-Up TV & More allows you to Live Stream Napon TV News 24, WNI, Japanet Takata, and more. More TV channels are available in the catch-up section which includes MBS, NHK, TBS, TV Asahi, TV Tokyo, and more.

Japanese TV Repository for Kodi Addons

Japanese XBMC is a promising Repository that contains a bunch of Japanese TV Kodi addons.

TV repository

It is basically a part of Fusion Repository and it offers Akuichi, Garapon TV, Twitch Japan, WeathernewssoLive24, DragonQuest, and more.


Don’t forget that most of the Japanese TV content is geo-restricted. Make sure to stay anonymous with the help of a reliable VPN. It will not only bypass geo-restrictions but will also maintain 100% privacy so that no one can monitor your streaming activities.

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