Best Plex Plugins You Must Install in 2020

Plex is a software suite – a media organizing platform that is technical a media player but popular for media streaming. We had a lot of Plex compatible plugins till 2019 the support for a majority of these plugins was terminated during the last year. If you are looking for some reliable Plex Plugins to install in 2020 then you have come to the right page. We are going to enlist the best Plex Plugins you need to install in 2020.

Plex plugins in 2020

The competition is going to be interesting between media organizing platforms in 2020. At CES 2020, Keith Valory, Plex CEO talked about the Plex roadmap for 2020 and without hesitating to reveal that Plex is ready to add subscription channels in 2020. Plex already took a huge leap by introducing its ad-supported streaming service last year.

What Exactly is Plex?

There are various reasons to subscribe to Plex Pass. Plex is known for its exceptional media organizing features but now it officially announced itself in the streaming business. Plex Streaming Service is completely free. It is important to note that this streaming service ad-supported. It offers an extensive library of movies, music documentaries, and TV shows. Plex has also officially announced its plan of adding subscription channels in 2020.

Plex Streaming Partners

The streaming partners joining hands with Plex include Lionsgate, 1091, Gravitas Movies, MGM, Legendary, Participant, and Warner Brothers. The Plex Streaming Service is available in more than 200 countries. But you need not forget that some titles are geo-restricted and it means that you need to install the best VPN for streaming apps.

Best VPN for Streaming in 2020

You can’t access all video sources because most of the quality sources are accessible within a limited geographical range. For instance, some movies and shows are only accessible from the United States. A Virtual Private Network solves all these problems.

install iPVanish VPN

We have tried various VPN services over the past few years and have come to the conclusion that iPVanish stands out for various good reasons.

Let us take a look at its most promising features:

  • Compatibility

IPVanish desktop applications for several operating systems, including Linux, macOS, and Windows. The VPN uses its popular CyberSec protects your device from malware threats, by blocking the detected websites that could be harmful and could pose a threat to the users.

  • Free Trial

IPVanish gives all its amazing services and features for 7 days to its new users for free to access! You can withdraw from the trial in case you are not pleased with the services. All the subscribers for this VPN are allowed to use these services on 6 different devices at a time and are also provided with encrypted proxy extensions for numerous browsers like Chrome and FireFox.

  • Customer Support

The customer support representatives at IPVanish are helpful and are always there to fix any complications that you are facing with the VPN. This application also has a great feature for virtual tourists, that let you link with servers in up to 60 countries around the globe due to its huge network.

  • Security

The VPN has a remote server to encrypt all the information from the users and hide the IP addresses so third-party websites cannot access it. IPVanish makes use of military-grade IKEv2 and OpenVPN technologies to encrypt the data of its users to ensure unidentified browsing.

  • Streaming

In IPVanish, the SmartPlay technology allows you to access over 400 geo-restricted streaming facilities like Amazon Prime, BBC, Netflix, and many many more. It also has mobile apps for Firestick TV and for devices running on iOS and Firestick. Many VPNs have a tendency to face difficulties working with Netflix because it someway cracks the IPs that belong to specific VPNs. As they have many servers, you do not have to be concerned about dealing with this issue with this VPN.

Best Plugins for Plex in 2020

The following are the best Plex Plugins to install in 2020 in order to optimize this media organizing platform.

1. Trakt Scrobbler

In terms of consistent success, Trakt Scrobbler stands out. The problem is that this plugin is not available on Plex you there are web tools you could use to install Trakt Scrobbler on Plex. With the help of Trakt Scrobbler, you can track your progress in channels and TV shows.

download Trakt Scrobller Plex plugin

You can check ratings of different clips and playlists are synchronized while classifying the most-watches series and shows. The downside is that if multiple users are using this plugin on the same server, tracking becomes confusing and a bit frustrating.  You can download Trakt Scrobbler from GitHub.

2. FilmOn

This TV Streaming plugin also works with Plex. Using FilmOn, you can watch virtually any channel via Plex, be it comedy, sports, or movies.

install FilmOn plex plugin

FilmOn offers access to global media content and the best thing is that FilmOn is free from regional restrictions. Please don’t forget that some content is premium so it might ask for payment.

3. Manga Here

Mange Here is a newcomer and its popularity among Mange lovers has been on the rise since its release. This is the best Plex plugin for users looking to read animated mangas and comics.

download Manga Here on Plex

Manga Here Plex plugin routes mangas on Plex server which allows you to access mangas directly on Plex TV. It means that you don’t have to search for manga visiting different websites.


Live TV streamers love IPTV plugins and here is the best one for Plex. You can download IPTV Plex plugin to Livestream TV channels on Plex server.

install IPTV Plex plugin

Make sure to install the VPN first in order to eliminate regional restrictions on different broadcasters.  

5. OpenPHT

There is no need to open a web portal every time you want to upload content or check on the server. OpenPHT is an intuitive Plex front-end-provider but remember that this is a third-party Plex plugin so we recommend you use it with a VPN.

install OpenPHT on Plex

You can download OpenPHT and use it with OpenBSD, macOS, and almost any Operating System. With OpenPHT, you don’t have to login every time to upload content or check on the server.  


With the help of the best Plex Plugins, it becomes simpler and more convenient to use Plex without complications. These plugins open doors to new possibilities and broader access to online media content but make sure to stay safe and anonymous by using a VPN.

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