Best TeaTV Alternatives in 2019

The ever-increasing number of streaming apps encourages users to look for better options every now and then. TeaTV is a popular streaming app that is compatible with Firestick, Fire TV, and other Android devices including smartphones. But this free streaming app has become frustrating because of the ads. In this post, we are going to present the best TeaTV alternatives in 2019. Remember that free streaming apps cause various issues because most of them are not 100% safe. This is why it is better to opt for the best alternatives to TeaTV.

TeaTV alternatives

Reason to look for the best TeaTV alternatives in 2019

Frustrating advertisements are not the only reason why you need to look for the best TeaTV alternatives. There are various other reasons including privacy issues. Free streaming apps are not safe these days because you never know the intentions of the developers of these apps. They might contain contagious files and even spy tools.  In addition, free streaming apps could cause a lot of trouble by violating copyright and piracy policies.

A few years back, free streaming apps were not as vulnerable as they are today. These days, the app developers don’t take the responsibility of copyright violations and the users have to be careful when streaming online media. Before you install any of our recommended TeaTV alternatives in 2019, we need to talk about privacy, device protection, and copyright violations, and the solution to the problem.

Install a VPN

No doubt that installing any of the best TeaTV alternatives in 2019 isn’t a risk at all because they are clean from any malicious file. But still, there are things you need to take care of at your end. You must protect yourself from copyright violation, you need to keep the ISP monitoring at a distance, and you must do something to keep the potential hackers from accessing your device.


Regardless of how clean the developers are, you can’t risk using community add-ons without a VPN in place. A Virtual Private Network is highly recommended and you need to know how a VPN works. There are various minor and major reasons why you need a VPN service. We don’t encourage the violation of copyright act or state laws but it is your right to protect your devices from hackers. If you have no idea of which VPN service to rely on, we recommend you to install iPVanish

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Top 5 TeaTV Alternatives in 2019

Without further ado, let us have a look at the top 5 TeaTV alternatives in 2019 one by one. Don’t forget that these are highly reliable streaming apps and you might have to pay something for a monthly subscription but it is worth paying rather than using the risky malicious platforms.

1. Netflix

Netflix - alternative to TeaTV

It always remains on the cards because Netflix is arguably the most reliable and popular streaming app used worldwide. The good news is the first month is completely free (fully-functional). The only downside is that Netflix offers different versions in different regions so you need to install a VPN to unblock Netflix for a particular region by bypassing geo-restrictions.

2. Kodi

Kodi - TeaTV Alternative 2019

Kodi is known for its unlimited streaming options thanks to Kodi addons (official and third-party). This open-source media organizer lets you stream almost anything online. But you need to be careful about safe streaming so we recommend you install a VPN for Kodi. There are various Kodi builds including Xanax and Leia 18.4.

3. Amazon Prime Video

TeaTV alternative Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is also a paid app but its monthly subscription charges are much less as compared to that of Netflix. The major reason for its popularity is the exclusive Amazon Prime videos (Seasons) that are not easily available anywhere else. Amazon Prime Video has quickly gained a major market share in India. It is worth trying to streaming app available at a competitive price.

4. Butter project

Butter Project free streaming

If you want to stick to the free streaming apps then we recommend Butter Project. Basically, Butter Project is downloading software. It allows you to download media from an extensive library. But the problem is that the video quality is not as good as you get with the paid streaming apps.

5. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time TeaTV alternative

Last in the list of the best TeaTV alternatives in 2019 is Popcorn Time. If you love watching TV Shows and Movies then you need to try this app. It is compatible with Android, Windows, OS X, and Linux. Please note that this app has integration with BitTorrent. It makes things doubtful or a bit insecure because Torrenting fails to remain clean these days. You could make the most of this app with the help of a reliable VPN.


We are here to serve you with better choices instead of promoting copyright violations. The above mentioned best TeaTV alternatives in 2019 are reliable but still, you need to install a VPN to make sure that you extract optimal results while maintaining the privacy of your personal information and online activities.