Best Working Kodi Addons in November 2019

With each passing month, new Kodi addons are released and at the same time, some are replaced by the new builds. Today we are ready to reveal the best working Kodi addons in November 2019.

best working Kodi addons 2019

We have selected the best Kodi addons for November 2019 on the basis of safety, speed, and quality of streaming sources.

What Are Kodi Addon?

Kodi has its own official repo where it offers some credible addons but there are various third-party developers devoted to developing some impressive add-ons to optimize streaming options. But the problem with the third-party or community add-ons is that there they might contain malicious files or the content might be copyright protected. In this case, you find it hard to identify when and where you violate the copyright act without even knowing.

Install a VPN for Kodi

We recommend you to install a reliable VPN for Kodi to avoid a bunch of vulnerabilities. ISPs and government agencies are agile these days and are trying their best to take down whoever violates the copyright act. In addition, government agencies keep monitoring your online activities through ISPs. On top of that, hackers are out there always looking for a chance to breach the firewall to extract confidential information.

VPN for Kodi

Whatever Kodi addon you are using, most of the media content is geo-restricted. It limits your streamlining choices. You can easily get rid of all these problems by installing a VPN service and it takes no more than a few minutes.


We don’t promote copyright infringements. We are basically trying to help Kodi users optimize streaming options while keeping their network, data, and devices protected from unauthorized individuals.

iPVanish – The Best Kodi VPN

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Top Rated Kodi Addons in November 2019

Let us now check out the most credible working Kodi addons in November 2019.

1. Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux Kodi Addon was introduced back in October 2018 and quickly earned fame among Kodi users for its consistent, reliable, and high quality streaming sources.

Exodus Redux addon

You might well have used Exodus, another popular addon that is still working. Exodus Redux is basically that clone of Exodus but its performance level has outrun its predecessor. The layout is similar to that of Exodus. We love the fact that Exodus Redux offers Open Scrapers, it runs smoothly, there is no buffering and the speed is exceptional. The good news is that you can integrate Exodus Redux with a Real-Debrid account.  Check out our step by step guide to install Exodus Redux Kodi Addon (Novemeber 2019 Update).

2. The Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon has been around for a long time and it is still one the best available Kodi addons featuring TV episodes, movies, and plenty of entertainment.

Magic Dragon Addon

The Magic Dragon makes use of highly effective scrapers. It is arguably a clone of Dogs Bollocks. If you love watching TV shows, movies, Kid’s stuff, documentaries, and sports, then we recommend The Magic Dragon as an all-in-one Kodi addon. Check out our guide to install The Magic Dragon Kodi Addon.

3. Seren

Seren is yet another promising Kodi addon you can integrate with the Real-Debrid account. Seren Kodi Addon makes it to the list of the best working Kodi addons in November 2019 because it brings the most reliable and consistent links.

Seren Kodi addon

Though this add-on is no free we are focusing on quality here. You can use Seren with the Premium Real-Debrid account and we recommend it to everyone looking for the best media streaming experience. Playback is quick and impressive. The streaming is buffer-free and you can enjoy watching HD videos. The developers keep on improving this Seren Kodi addon every now and then. Check out our guide to install Seren Kodi addon.

4. IT Kodi Addon

IT Kodi addon is basically 13Clown Fork and it serves you with on-demand media content including TV shows and movies. In addition, IT Kodi addon also features Kid’s stuff, YouTube Videos, and documentaries.

IT Kodi addon

The quality of media sources is above average and so far we haven’t noticed anything frustrating or malicious. You can download IT Kodi addon from T2K repo and here is our step by step guide to install IT Kodi addon.

5. Xtasy D

If you love watching Game Shows, Retro Kids, Paranormal, Documentaries, Extreme Sports, and Fight Club, you need to install Xtasy D Kodi addon.

Xtasy Kodi Addon

In addition, Xtasy D also lets you enjoy Music via its reliable links to music sources. This addon has a simple user-friendly interface and navigation is quick and smooth. This is arguably the best all-in-one Kodi addon in 2019.


Make sure to install a VPN before you install any of the best working Kodi addons in November 2019. Most of the streaming sources are blocked because of geo-restrictions so a reliable VPN service will allow you to unblock media content you want to watch.