Best Working Methods to Avoid Streaming Buffering on Kodi

2019 had been a tough year for Kodi users for the reason that media tycoons, ISPs and government agencies had been trying their best to restrict Kodi add-ons one way or the other. The ISPs tend to shrink the bandwidth for the connections frequently using streaming apps, especially Kodi. 2020 is going to be even worse because streaming buffering on Kodi will become more evident especially in the United States.

avoid streaming buffering on Kodi

But don’t worry, we have some working methods to avoid streaming buffering on Kodi. Before making a quick judgment, you need to first check the speed of your internet connection because most of the time, it is the low-speed connection that frustrates you with streaming buffering on Kodi.

Check the Connection Speed

Speed throttling is the worst enemy of streaming geeks and it happens frequently when you are using Kodi or Plex. You don’t suffer too much when using Netflix because it can run smoothly even if the connection speed is below 5mpbs. But in the case of Kodi, you generally need a connection speed of over 5MB/s, ideally somewhere around 10MB/s. In the case of a wired connection, you need to check if the service provider uses copper wires or fiber optic. Copper wires tend to lose bandwidth and signals weaken as they travel through the cable. Always opt for the service provider that uses fiber optics.

streaming buffering on Kodi

Make sure to check if you are getting the labeled bandwidth. You could use any Android or iOS Speed Test App to see if your ISP is providing the promised connection speed.

In case if everything is alright with the connection speed but still streaming buffering on Kodi is evident then you need to opt for the best available solution rather than looking for the makeshift configurations. Remember, the makeshift settings only work temporarily so let’s first talk about the most consistent and reliable solution to avoid streaming buffering on Kodi.

Install the best VPN for Kodi and media streaming apps

There are multiple reasons you need to install a VPN. Before selecting the best VPN for Kodi and other streaming apps, you need to know what exactly a VPN is and how it works. The encryption algorithm is what helps a VPN to minimize streaming buffering on Kodi. The reason is that an effective VPN service has a worldwide network of servers and all the information and data travel through a virtual tunnel. The ISP or any other entity fails to extract this information and as a result, the ISPs don’t even notice your online activities. This is why your connection remains protected from speed throttling.

How VPN works

Which VPN do you need to opt for? Free vs. Paid VPN is a frequently discussed topic but we always recommend a paid VPN service. The reason is that free VPNs have data caps and other restrictions. They have a restricted network so it makes it hard for you to use an IP address from the location you want.

iPVanish is our top recommendation for Kodi and other streaming apps. The reason is that it has a global network of servers, the service is consistent, and it doesn’t keep the activity log of its users. We have tried over 20 paid VPNs and we keep evaluating their updates on a regular basis but it looks as if, as we experienced in 2019, iPVanish will continue to rule in 2020 as the best VPN for Kodi and other media streaming apps.

iPVanish VPN

iPVanish is the best VPN if exceptional privacy, sturdy connection, optimal data capacity, and fool-proof anonymity are the features you are looking for. We have used various third-party Kodi addons to check the streaming performance with iPVanish in place. The results are extremely satisfying. On top of that, iPVanish 7-Day Free Trial gives you the perfect chance to use the VPN for free to evaluate the performance of its features.   

Minimize HQ Scaler

Another major but lesser-known reason for streaming buffering on Kodi is the by-default HQ Scaler setting. This setting basically results in video shuttering as well as frame dropping. Technically, the phenomenon isn’t actually streaming buffering on Kodi but it feels thus. You can try minimizing the HQ Scaler percentage by following the instructions below:

  • After launching Kodi, navigate to the Main Menu
  • Go to Settings (Cog-Wheel)
  • Opt for the Player Settings
  • The panel of the left side, navigate to the settings (cog-wheel) below and make sure to select Expert
avoid streaming buffering on Kodi
  • Now check out the panel on the right side. You’ll see three settings including, Action, Playback, and right below is Processing. Under Processing, check the option Enable HQ scaler for scaling above. By default, the software has set it to 20% but you need to bring it down gradually while checking the results. If nothing happens, minimize it to 0%.

Use CAT6 RJ45 Ethernet Cable

If you feel that the wireless signals from the router are weak then try using the CAT6 RJ45 Ethernet Cable. This cable comes with the latest technology to optimize high-speed data transmission without losing signal quality.


The above methods to avoid streaming buffering on Kodi should work on all devices. But nothing is going to work on a consistent basis of you don’t use a reliable VPN for Kodi. A good VPN service will not only minimize speed throttling but it will also eliminate other problems related to privacy and copyright violations.

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