CyberGhost vs. IPVanish: A Side-by-Side Comparison 2020

Stepping into the 21st Century, VPN was an unheard term for most of us. In recent years, breach of data and privacy by the hackers through open Wi-Fi networks can be judge easily. Now we have multiple reasons to use a VPN service.

Do you think nowadays VPN is a vital tool for web surfing? Yes, you are right because internet privacy is a major concern in present times for securing your online data. No one even could imagine surfing the data without a secured VPN.

VPN sends data via an encrypted tunnel and maintains a virtual connection by keeping digital privacy. The function of a VPN is to hide and protect internet usage habits from the Internet Service Provider. It secures the internet browser by adding a protective layer between the internet and the device. It plays a vivacious role when you are using the internet in public places or where security is not guaranteed.

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This feature-specific CyberGhost vs. IPVanish comparison will help you out.  Remember, the comparison is based on the top seven features you need to look for. It is not an easy task to compare two of the most popular VPNs, but taking the features one by one can make things a lot easier. It will be a guide for your ideas to make a clear understanding of the right direction for solid reasons.

IPVanish vs CyberGhost side by side comparison 2020

ROUND 1. Features

CyberGhost features

CyberGhost features
  • The user interface of the CyberGhost VPN includes the smooth navigation and the client gets connected to a new I.P. address after installation.
  • No one can analyze your algorithms, server controllers, and any other activity but it requires a proper check.
  • You can block unwanted content like ads and can get access to the geo-restricted sites.

IPVanish features

  • IPVanish has remarkable features and you can connect up to 5 devices.
  • There is no issue of bandwidth and router can easily be get configured with it.
  • You can get an internet connection with good speed with no limit on switching to servers.
  • Almost with 850 servers, you can get connect with around 40,000 shared IP addresses. You can also open the server list from the main menu.

Round 1 Winner?  

IPVanish wins because CyberGhost does not possess enough favorable features for the users.

ROUND 2. Speed

CyberGhost Speed

  • CyberGhost VPN is slow as compared to the IP Vanish. I checked it by measuring before and after the speed test.
  • The average speed was less than 80%.
  • Most of the time CyberGhost service and speed slow down due to technical issues as it requires high internet speed.

IPVanish Speed

  • IPVanish delivers a good connection of internet speed as I tested it by connecting to servers to three different countries.
  • The average speed was around 84% with its more powerful bandwidth.
  • In most of the cases, speed is less than 1 MB per second and controls the Tier-1 data network.
  • As far as protocols are concerned, the speed of IPVanish is excellent with all protocols including PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN.

Round 2 Winner?  

If you want good VPN speed then go for IPVanish as it provides the best and consistent speed. You can also judge easily from the match too.

ROUND 3. Pricing Plans

CyberGhost Pricing Plans

  • 18 months – $3.50/month. Coupon – 6 months free. Save up to 73%
  • 12 months – $5.25/month. Save up to 60%
  • 6 months – $7.99/month. Save up to 39%
  • 1 month – $12.99/month.

IPVanish Pricing Plans

  • Monthly –  $10 per month
  • Quarterly – $26.99 for 3 months (avg. $8.99/month)
  • Yearly – $77.99 a year (avg. $6.49/month)

New IPVanish subscribers can get an exclusive 65% discount right now!

  • $49 for the First Year i.e. Only $4.16/month
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Round 3 Winner?  

If your budget is low then you should go for the IPVanish as it also provides the customer-oriented and reasonable pricing plans too.

ROUND 4. Streaming

CyberGhost Streaming

  • CyberGhost can stream the content easily on platforms like Netflix.
  • It unblocks various streaming platforms.
  • It also  with a good result on HBO Now, BBC iPlayer, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, Hulu,

IPVanish Streaming

  • IPVanish can stream content on the US-based servers as on Netflix and it comprised of US-based servers.
  • If you using the IPVanish then it will be extremely difficult to stream the content on BBC iPlayer or Amazon Prime

Round 4 Winner?  

If you want good VPN streaming then go for CyberGhost as it provides the best streaming.

ROUND 5. Privacy Policy

CyberGhost Privacy Policy

  • CyberGhost privacy has no security and there are privacy issues in the past relating to the installation of the root certificate.
  • CyberGhost VPN changes the IP address and replaces it by assuring that the activity will not get tracked, but somehow privacy gets compromised.
  • CyberGhost does not primarily support all protocols and there are few question marks which can be seen as to the historical performance of this VPN.

IPVanish Privacy Policy

  • IPVanish possesses the zero-logs VPN and you can trust easily on its privacy policies. Zero-logs VPN shows that there is no record of any data, traffic, and connection.
  • It only checks the activity of the site to ensure its good quality and performance. IPVanish secure privacy rights and do not sell, monitor, and any personal information.
  • Registration of an account is necessary for an active subscription including the name, city, country and zip code
  • IPVanish does not track the connection activities, or browsing history of the website and supports the SSTP and PPTP protocols, OpenVPN and L2TP.

Round 5 Winner?  

The IPVanish is better than CyberGhost as far as the privacy policy is concerned.

ROUND 6. Customer Service

CyberGhost Customer Service

  • The services of Cyberghost are complex and the support ticket system is available.
  • The CyberGhost customer support is limited and most of the queries remain unanswered due to the weak support system.
  • The information and articles present on the website are not enough for the customers and it looks absurdly incredible.

IPVanish customer Service

  • You can easily reach out to customer service through website of IPVanish and by sending email to support staff
  • IPVanish helps you within an hour though there is no live chat option.

Round 6 Winner?  

The customer service of IPVanish is more reliable and assists customers in a better way.

ROUND 7. Split Tunnelling

CyberGhost Split Tunnelling

  • CyberGhost affects speed by dropping again and again. It also affects the normal operations of apps installed on your device.
  • CyberGhost speed varies in different timings of the day and depends on the type of server due to which application also gets slow down.
  • CyberGhost has a split tunnel on the flip side that let you whitelist URLs and websites as it only works in the browser.

IPVanish Split Tunnelling

  • Split tunneling helps you to control your internet traffic and select the apps to get routed through ISP.
  • You can secure your privacy 100% through IPVanish VPN especially on the Android devices. It downloads the data safely without slowing down the web activity.
  • It also improves bottlenecks and protects the bandwidth so that the traffic of the internet could not pass the VPN server.

Round 7 Winner?  

Both CyberGhost and IPVanish have average quality as to Split Tunnelling.

CyberGhost vs. IPVanish Verdict

It’s a tough competition as both of these software are contributing more and more to the industry. Both have attracted millions of clients from all over the world. Both have an extensive and reliable history. We’ve decided based on minor differences that IPVanish is better than CyberGhost, but it doesn’t mean that CyberGhost isn’t a wise choice.

Never get confused and go for the IPVanish as it is best for streaming and protects your data. It is highly recommended for P2P fans and security-conscious users. IPVanish vehemently provides 256-bit encryption, balanced pricing options, supports P2P file sharing, and no-logging policy.