Free vs. Paid VPN: Our Recommendation for the Best VPN in 2020

There are multiple reasons to use a VPN and you have the option to select from free or paid VPN. To make the right choice, you need first understand what exactly is a VPN and how a VPN service actually works. Free vs. Paid VPN – this is what we are going to explain along with the recommendation for the best VPN in 2020.

free vs. paid VPN

What is a Free VPN?  

There are companies that offer only the basic services but we can’t call them a complete VPN package. They don’t charge anything but the question is, if Free VPN service is available then why people look for the paid VPN services?

  • Data Restrictions

Free VPNs are not safe and there are a few catches as well. For instance, the data cap is a major issue. Take for example the Avira Phantom VPN offers a free plan but it comes with a limit of 500MB per month. In addition, PrivateTunnel offers its free service with a data cap of 2GB. The best case is the ZPN free offer that facilitates you with 10GB per month without charging anything.

problems with free VPN
  • Bandwidth Restrictions

Almost all Free VPN plans restrict the bandwidth because they can’t afford to allow their users to eat up most of the bandwidth when using torrents. For instance, ZPN free VPN practices P2P blocks. is another free VPN service with a 2GB data cap. But it only offers the best bandwidth to the paying customers so the free accounts only get the leftover. They also restrict the choice of geographical locations. Typically, the Hide. Free VPN allows you to use IPs from only the Netherlands, Canada, and Singapore.

  • Session Limits

There are session limits with free VPN plans. The frequent advertisement also frustrates users. And on top of that, neither is there a service agreement nor an implicit warranty.

Free VPN plans are basically suitable only for fairly simple needs. But they are vulnerable because you don’t get a reliable level of device and network protection. For occasional use, they are fine but there is no point in using a free VPN plan in the long run especially when you love using media streaming platforms.

Best VPN Service in 2020 – Our Recommendation!

Regardless of your online activities, it is important to see realize that you need to protect your personal information. The recent legal developments allow the ISPs to extract and even sell the personal information of their users. Government agencies keep monitoring the online activities of their citizens. On top of that, there are hackers who keep looking for ways to breach device and network security. It is your own responsibility to maintain privacy and protect your personal information including your financial credentials.

There are things you need to take care of at your end. You must protect yourself from copyright violation, you need to keep the ISP monitoring at a distance, and you must do something to keep the potential hackers from accessing your device.

Regardless of how clean the developers are, you can’t risk using community add-ons without a VPN in place. A Virtual Private Network is highly recommended and you need to know how a VPN works. There are various minor and major reasons why you need a VPN service. We don’t encourage the violation of copyright act or state laws but it is your right to protect your devices from hackers. If you have no idea of which VPN service to rely on, we recommend you to install iPVanish

iPVanish VPN

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How to Choose a VPN Service in 2020?

There are various factors you need to consider when selecting a VPN service in 2020. Free vs. Paid VPN service – we recommend subscribing for paid VPN plans. But you need to consider the following points to make the right decision:


You need to check the list of regions and countries where their VPN service has its own servers. The best VPN services have multiple servers in one region or country. It doesn’t really optimize the service but it makes sure that you have more options in terms of the selection of a virtual IP address.

Simultaneous Connections

You need to see the number of connections the VPN service supports at a given time. Generally, paid VPN services allow you to connect at least 3 devices simultaneously. The fair use policy does apply in most of the cases so the single-user policy remains in place.


It is important to compare the prices with the features of the VPN service. You don’t necessarily need to go for a bunch of features. You need to realistically analyze what exactly you need and then make the final decision.


Free vs. Paid VPN – the discussion doesn’t have too much in it because it is obvious that you need to pay for the best features. Free VPN plans frustrate users with various limitations. And the speed is also pretty miserable. If you love streaming media online then you got to pay something for ultimate privacy and anonymity.