How to Download Movies on Firestick by Using a Hard Drive or Thumb Drive?

Movie geeks always want to find new ways of downloading the latest movies. Firestick users have this tendency too but they often fail to find the most reliable and working ways to download movies on Firestick via Thumb Drive or Hard Drive.

In this post, we’ll guide you through a step by step guide to download your favorite movies on Firestick/Fire TV by using a Drive even though Firestick doesn’t have an additional USB port. The transferring files from Firestick to any media storage device is easier than you think.

What is the Importance of Adding a Storage Device to Firestick/Fire TV?

Lack of enough storage is the major issue with Firestick. Obviously, if you are a movie geek, you are always looking for some extra GBs. In order to have a comprehensive movie library, you need to somehow deal with this storage problem otherwise Firestick is nothing more than a downloading platform.

An external Hard Drive or a Thumb Drive solve storage issues. Now the only obstacle is transferring files from Firestick to Hard Drive or other media storage devices.

First of all, you need to have something on Firestick to transfer. There are various Firestick Apps you can use to download movies on Firestick.

1. Installing Firestick Apps for Downloading Movies

In order to stream or download movies on Firestick, you can use different apps and some are really impressive, for instance, BeeTV.

BeeTV is user-friendly and simple. It allows you to either download or stream video content. We recommend using BeeTV with the Advanced Downloader Manager. This combination is quite powerful when it comes to downloading new movies.

BeeTV installation requires APKtime for Firestick. If you also want to download the Advanced Download Manager then you can use Aptoide.

Wait a Minute!

Let’s not forget that these downloading apps serve you with different video content sources and you never know which content is legally available for your country/territory. This is why don’t ever forget to install a VPN first. If you already have a reliable VPN installed then make sure to turn it ON before streaming or downloading videos and movies.

When it comes to VPNs I always recommend IPVanish. Not only do they have tons of servers around the world letting you bypass georestrictions, they also have a no-logging policy which ensures your information is always kept secure and private. With yearly packages available for less than $7/mo you can save almost 50% by clicking here.

Downloading a Movie via Firestick Apps

After installing BeeTV, all you need is to search for a movie and download it. Keep in mind Google trackers are monitoring around 75% of websites. You need to protect your identity and personal information. Once you select a movie or a TV show, a popup menu will emerge, containing different options. You can either play the video or download it with the help of Advanced Downloader Manager.

How to Transfer Movies from Firestick to the Storage Device?

We recommend using a reliable media storage device, for instance, the External Hard Drive by Seagate or Western Digital. The price of these drives differs. $50 is the lowest and it elevates to $500 depending on your requirements. You’ll get a good one for around $100.

There are different ways to transfer movies from Firestick to Hard Drive or other media storage devices.

Via PC

In this case, you’ll use a personal computer as a middleman. You first need to attach the Hard Drive (any storage device) to the PC. You must have a reliable WiFi connection to establish a wireless connection between the PC and Firestick. There are different file transfer apps for this purpose. ES File Explorer is the most reliable and fairly easy. It features a Remote manager that simplifies the process.

  • Run the ES File Explorer on the PC. Unplug the Firestick and plug it into the USB port of your PC. The ES File Explorer will allow you to locate and copy the files from Firestick to the storage device you’ve attached.
  • You can also temporarily copy the files to the Thumb Drive and then transfer them to other storage media whenever needed. The problem is that if you are trying to copy High Definition movies then a thumb drive of 8GB will only suffice for two movies at the most.

Via Smartphone/Tab (Android or iOS)

If you don’t have a PC then you can attach the storage device with the smartphone; yes, you can! For this purpose, you’ll need a USB OTG Cable. This On-the-Go cable has a USB adapter on one end and the phone connector in the other end. You can purchase this cable by paying 5$ on top and maybe even less. But this cable will only work for the External Hard Drive or a Thumb Drive.

In the case of an Android phone, you’ll need an Android FTP application. It will allow you to copy videos and movies from Firestick to the storage device that is plugged into the phone.

We recommend AndFTP App for this purpose. It is available on the Google Play Store.

Testing the Movies

Never forget to test-play the movies either on MX Player Pro of VLC. Check if everything is working alright. VLC is arguably the best media player because it can run almost all types of video formats.

External Hard Drive is Always Better

People often use Thumb Drives but it will put you in a similar situation you have with Firestick; the lack of storage. An external Hard Drive has a huge storage capacity which allows you to stores scores of movies at a time. This is what you need to build your movie library.

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