How to Install the Sport365 Live Add-On

If you’re a fan of sports and want to enjoy the latest games and matches online then Sports 365 is the best addon on Kodi right now. The Sport365 Live add-on is now available for Kodi users. If you are worried about the lack of live HD streaming of the matches you can’t miss then The Sport365 Live is a must for you. The add-on features some of the most popular sports people watch, across the globe:

and more …

Reliable Streaming

The major advantage of the Sport365 Live add-on is that you get access to the most reliable streaming of sports events. This add-on doesn’t retrieve streaming from a bunch of websites. Forget Plexus, Love Resolver, or SportDevil. The Sport365 Live add-on brings the action to you via top-quality streaming from that features a variety of sports channels.


What makes the Sport365 Live add-on even better is the fact that it is user-friendly. You can easily navigate through various streaming options. You don’t have to go through an unending playlist or a bunch of files.

The Sport365 Live add-on features all current streams on its home page. You can easily go through all streaming channels and select the one you like the most. For each event, the add-on presents at least 15 links to choose from. If you have a reliable VPN, the Sport365 Live add-on is arguably the best spots add-on you can use on Kodi.

Why is a VPN Important for the Sport365 Live Add-On?

To ensure the protection of your data when streaming online you need a reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN). The service makes sure that you don’t face the risk of unauthorized access to private information. If you love streaming via Kodi, a reliable VPN is a must.

The major advantage of a VPN service is that you can stream without revealing your identity. Anonymity is important to make sure that scammers remain at a fair distance and there remains no chance of manipulation of your data.

In addition, irritating ISP throttling keeps frustrating you if you don’t use a VPN. Most of the ISPs have so-called “fair-use policy” according to which they have the authority to disconnect the service or charge you more for the over-use of bandwidth. With a VPN, the ISPs fail to recognize the destination of the streaming. In other words, you can easily stay away from ISP’s watchdog. Buffering is another issue which frustrates you while streaming online. With a VPN like IPVanish, you can get rid of this problem.

And here comes the greatest advantage of a reliable VPN; you can watch copyright-protected content. The problem is, whenever a Kodi add-on shares a copyright-protected content, the ISP system triggers the alarm and blocks access to that link. If you want to avoid penalties, you must use a VPN to bypass the ISP’s watchdog.

In addition, you can trick the Internet Service Provider by bypassing the geographical restrictions. Certain websites block access to different countries or regions. In addition, different regions block certain websites. To access these streaming links, you have to somehow hide your IP address. A VPN does the job for you by substituting the real IP with a suitable alternative; this is what we call Masking.

When it comes to VPNs I always recommend IPVanish. Not only do they have tons of servers around the world letting you bypass georestrictions, but they also have a no-logging policy which ensures your information is always kept secure and private. With yearly packages available for less than $7/mo you can save almost 50% by clicking here.

Installing the Sport365 Live Add-on for Kodi (Step-by-Step)

The Cherry repository is what you need to access via Cherry TV to install the Sport365 Lie Kodi Add-on.

Please note that the default Kodi settings restrict downloading access from an unknown source. So first you have to disable the restriction before accessing the repository.

The following process will guide you to the complete installation of the Sport365 Live Add-on from scratch till the end.

Step 1 – Enable Unknown Sources.

Launch Kodi. Click the “cog” icon you’ll see at the screen’s top-right. It will take you to the System

Select Settings > system and then click on Add-ons

You’ll see the option Unknown sources. Switch the button to disable the restriction.

Click Yes to acknowledge the warning message that appears after disabling the restriction.

After disabling the restriction on downloading from unknown sources, you need to move back and reach the Home Screen.

Step 2 – Install the Repository

Again, click Settings > File Manager > Add Source

The dialogue box containing a couple of fields will appear. The field that states <None> is the one you need to double click.

Now type in or paste the address – – exactly as shown and click OK to proceed.

In the bottom field, type in the name you want to use for the add-on. For instance Sports365 or whatever you like and click OK again.

Return to the main menu and select Add-ons / Add-on browser (open box icon). Now, from the list of 5 options, select the second last i.e. Install from zip file

It will take you to a list containing zip files. You need to find the one with the name you typed earlier. In this case, it was Sports365.

Here you need to select

It will take a few seconds to complete the downloading process. You’ll see a notification confirming the installation of the QWER repository. Now you need to select the option Install from repository

Step 3 – Install the Addon

In this step, you’ll come across a list of the available repositories you have in the system. You need to look for the Bugatsinho repository, select it once you find it. On the left of the screen, the logo of the repository will appear. Double click on the logo to open the repository.

Follow this path: Video Add-ons > Sport365 > Install

You are all done! You are now ready to enjoy one of the best sports add-ons you have available for Kodi.


The Sport365 Live is indeed a top-quality add-on for the fact that it facilitates you with the live streaming from the instead of low-resolution streaming from other websites. Make sure that you use a high-quality VPN like IPVanish when you use Sports 365 though as it’s your best protection and will make your streaming experience much better.