How to Watch Netflix From Anywhere in 2020?

Do you think Netflix has a discriminatory policy since it has limited content for most regions but a large media library for some? It is because of the broadcasting and streaming rights since the agreement defines regions where they can or can’t stream particular content. However, you can watch Netflix from anywhere in the world with a little effort. Before I guide you on how to watch Netflix from anywhere in 2020 it is important to have a look at the need for this activity.

How to unblock Netflix from anywhere in 2020

Netflix Country Versions

Netflix got off the mark from the United States and it took many years to reach Canada (2010). 2016 marks the significant Netflix reach as the streaming giant hit Syria, Crimea, and North Korea. The company purchased streaming rights for the most-wanted content in particular regions to attract potential subscribers. You can now justify why Netflix US is the most-wanted version! Let’s have a bird’s eye view of the content catalog in some popular Netflix versions:

Netflix VersionMoviesShows
United States43391326
American Samoa45731078
Puerto Rico38071073
French Guiana3710803
British Virgin Islands2940666
United Kingdom2425542
United Arab Emirates443173

And the titles are different in different regions, for instance, Vikings are available in Netflix US and Netflix PK (Pakistan), but you don’t find the title in Netflix Ireland or Netflix New Zealand. The Price vs. Number of Titles ratio is also inconsistent. This difference may irritate you at a time since you are paying around 10$ to 15$ a month to realize that somebody in some other country is paying the same or even less but has access to a greater number of movies and TV Shows.

Don’t worry! A good Virtual Private Network can let you watch Netflix from anywhere in 2020.

Best VPNs to Access Different Netflix Regions from Anywhere in 2020

I’ve shortlisted a few credible VPNs for you:

1.   IPVanish

best VPN to unblock Netflix from anywhere in the world

Just 1000 servers, I didn’t like it initially but what attracted me is the access to over 60 countries. IPVanish is mostly linked to unblocking Netflix US but you can unblock various Netflix regions with this VPN. Its major pros are unlimited bandwidth, family plans, and frequent discounts. Since the Netflix team has successfully blocked scores or proxies and VPNs but failed to block IPVanish to date. However, IPVanish remains one of the prime suspects for Netflix.


  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Best to unblock Netflix US
  • Family plans (several devices at a time) at competitive prices
  • Frequent discounts
  • Compatible with Firestick, Fire TV, Windows, iOS, Smartphones, and routers as well


  • At Netflix’s hitlist
  • Fewer servers as compared to ExpressVPN and NordVPN

1.   ExpressVPN

best VPN to unblock Netflix in 2020

I find ExpressVPN best to unblock Netflix from anywhere because of its extended network of over 1500 servers spread across 94 countries. It operates from the British Virgin Islands and can unblock Netflix US, Japan, UK, France, Canada, and more from anywhere in the world. In case, a server is temporarily down, you can quickly contact the support agent to address the issue.


  • Quick access to servers in different regions
  • Responsive customer support with Live Chat
  • High speed streaming and downloading
  • Reliable encryption


  • Expensive as compared to most VPNs

1.   NordVPN

best VPN to unblock Netflix in 2020

NordVPN can unlock Netflix Canada, US, France, AUS, UK, India, Netherlands, Spain, and more thanks to its 3300 servers in more than 60 countries. Though it has more servers as compared to ExpressVPN it covers fewer countries. I like NordVPN because it has optimized some of its servers to optimal streaming.


  • Banking Grade encryption
  • Good value for money
  • Facilitates 6 devices at a time
  • Dedicated servers for optimal streaming


  • Desktop App is not as fast as I expected
  • The performance of some servers is poor

What if I Can’t Unblock Netflix Even with a VPN?

“Pardon the interruption” is an annoying message for any Netflix user. The explanation from Netflix states that the system is possible using a proxy or an unblocker and you need to stop such services before the next attempt (Error Code: M7111-5059).

If you see this even when the VPN, try the following solutions one by one:

1.   Clean Cache

A cache is where Netflix can detect your real location. You need to open Advanced Settings on a desktop to delete cookies and browsing data. If you are using an iOS or an Android device, you can delete the App cache from Storage.

2.   Try Connecting to a Different Server

Netflix can possibly block some VPN servers. You can connect to a different server from the same country or region to solve the problem.

3.   Contact Customer Support (I Recommend Live Chat)

This is why quick support, Live Chat, in particular, is important for any VPN subscriber. As the last resort, contact the VPN customer support and ask for the list of servers in the region you are looking to unblock Netflix. This way you can easily try different servers and stick to the one that works.


There was a time when Overplay, Unblock-US, Unotelly, and other DNS proxies successfully unblocked Netflix from anywhere but none of these proxies works in 2020. Even most VPNs are out of the game, however, the above-mentioned 3 VPNs still work to let you watch Netflix from anywhere in 2020.

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