Install Magic Dragon Addon on Kodi (2019)

How to install Magic Dragon addon on Kodi has become a tricky question because the old methods fail to work. This is why we’ve come up with the latest method to install Magic Dragon Addon on Kodi.

This reliable installation method works for FireStick, Android Boxes, Android TV, Android Mobiles, Windows, and Mac; whatever Kodi platform you are using.

Maverick offers Magic Dragon Addon for Kodi

Maverick TV is arguably the most reliable repository for Kodi Add-ons. The Magic Dragon brings to you some impressive streaming options. The list of movies, TV shows, and documentaries is highly extensive. You can enjoy top-quality streaming including 4K and Blu-Ray.

The Magic Dragon Add-on for Kodi serves you with multiple categories including…

  • Blu-Ray Movies (RD Only)
  • People Watching
  • New Movies
  • Catch Up TV
  • Real Debrid Movies
  • New Cams/HDTS Releases
  • 4K Movies
  • Episodes of the Day
  • Kids
  • Movies
  • Documentary
  • Kodi Channels
  • Sport
  • TV/Entertainment
  • Radio
  • Music

Magic Dragon Addon for Kodi

Magic Dragon addon on Kodi allows you to access an extensive range of documentaries, movies, music, radio, videos, sports events, TV shows, and movies. The scraping technology allows this add-on to function as the on-demand platform. In simple words, this program looks up for various streaming links on the internet and selects the best links for you.

Maverick, a reliable platform presents this impressive addon for Kodi. Maverick is a popular source for all Kodi users looking for reliable add-ons and Kodi builds. Earlier we had The Dogs Bollocks add-on and now replaced by Magic Dragon addon on Kodi.

The good news is that Magic Dragon on Kodi integrates with Real-Debrid. It means that you can access to high resolution including the 4K. The streaming is uninterrupted. Magic Dragon also allows you to sync your streaming data by signing in via Trakt.

A Word of Warning!

Magic Dragon on Kodi is an unofficial addon so you need to take care when streaming content via this source. The reason is that the on-demand nature of the add-on may bring you the links from unauthorized sources that are streaming copyright-protected content. You’ll never take the risk of streaming such content without first protecting your connection via VPN encryption.

A Virtual Private Network service ensures that your ISP doesn’t detect the content you are streaming. In addition, it also secures your personal information from government agencies and ISPs.

IPVanish – The Ultimate Solution!

After you install a streaming app on your device or even if you’ve already installed one – make sure you secure your streaming data with a no-logging VPN like IPVanish. This is your only protection and it’s worth the nominal investment.

IPVanish has servers all over the world which help anonymize your activities online. Also by accessing servers in other countries, it’s possible to bypass any geographic restrictions and with over 6000+ servers around the world, IPVanish makes this simple and easy. Finally, IPVanish supports almost every client imaginable – regardless of the device you’re using to stream, you’ll find that you can use IPVanish VPN services to protect yourself.

IPVanish offers a 7-day money back guarantee which means you have a week to test it risk-free. Please note that StreamingMediaGuide readers save on the IPVanish annual plan. Click here to give it a test drive.

How to Download Magic Dragon Addon on Kodi?

As this is a third-party add-on, you’ll first have to check the settings of the Kodi platform to make sure that it allows you to download Kodi add-ons from unofficial sources.

  • Go to the home screen and Select Settings
  • Now select System from the list of menu items
  • From the list on the left of the screen, select Add-ons
  • The right panel of the screen will show three options so you need to enable Unknown sources
  • A warning message will appear, select Yes. Now you are ready to download Magic Dragon addon on Kodi.
  • Provide the URL (Source Path). So return to the Settings
  • Select File manager  
  • Select Add source from either side of the screen
  • A popup window will emerge and you need to select <None>
  •  Insert
  •  Select OK
  • Choose a name for the source which you want to use to identify the source for instance mavrepo
  •  Select OK
  • Go back and access the Settings menu
  •  Select Add-ons
  • Select Install from zip file
  • Now click the Install from zip file item on the window that follows
  •  Select mavrepo (or the name you have selected to identify the source)
  •  Select the zip file and run (x.x. means that different versions of the file may contain different values)
  •  The installation will take a while; once done, you’ll see the message Maverick TV Repo Add-on installed

How to Install Magic Dragon Addon on Kodi

  •  After downloading the files you are ready to initiate the installation process. Access the Maverick TV repository
  •  Select Video add-ons and hit Next
  •  Locate The Magic Dragon and select
  •  Hit Install
  1. Click OK to let the additional add-ons get installed with The Magic Dragon
  2. The installation process may take some time depending on the speed of the connection
  3.  As the installation process completes, the indication flashes on the upper right corner of the screen

Magic Dragon addon on Kodi is ready to launch. But don’t forget that this is a third-party add-on and it is also an on-demand add-on. It means that this add-on collects streaming links to multiple online sources. You never know which of the links offers copyright-protected content.

VPN for Online Streaming – It’s a MUST!

You need to hide your network information to avoid legal issues of accessing legally protected content. And the rules are strict these days so don’t take these things lightly. For instance, accessing the Game of Thrones from Australia can put you behind bars for a few months. Other countries have similar laws so there is no need to take unnecessary risk.

Some individuals invite trouble by ignoring the significance of a VPN. Remember, protecting your network identity isn’t an option, it is MUST. You need to have a VPN turned ON when you are streaming online. Most of the add-ons come from unofficial sources. It is your own duty to protect yourself from any uninvited situation.

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