Roku is Growing Again

Roku was one of my first devices when cutting the cord so it has a special place in my heart. In the early days – a couple of years ago (time sure flies!!) – live TV was a feature that was simply unavailable.

It was one of the reasons that I moved to an Android box and Kodi to be honest as the addons available on that platform were simply much greater. However since that time, Roku has added live TV to its capabilities.

On the 19th of March, Roku added 9 new live channels to its free streaming services called The Roku Channel. The current channel lineup now includes:

  • Tastemade – whether expanding your palate or your itinerary, Tastemade presents even more of the things you love.
  • The Works by MGM – free contemporary classic movies. A selection of movies from deep within MGM’s legendary catalogue.
  • FilmRise Classic TV, FilmRise Cooking, FilmRise Crime, FilmRise Family, and FilmRise Free Movies – from primetime hits like 3rd Rock from the Sun to some of the best cooking and drama shows, FilmRise offers lots of content to keep you busy.
  • The Asylum – featuring blockbuster entertainment like San Andreas Quake and 100 Million BC.
  • Food52 – plan your meals for the week and come up with nifty ideas for those parties where you want to make a real impression.

Now instead of needing to have multiple Roku Channels installed to access this content, you can stream them from one single location inside The Roku Channel on your Roku or other supported devices.

Watching on Kodi

Of course, while Roku has improved by leaps and bounds, it still doesn’t offer the capabilities of an Android box and Kodi. Roku does of course have “private” channels which can expand its capabilities but these are quite difficult to find unless you know who to ask. Unfortunately as Roku’s are coded on a different OS it’s still not possible to install Kodi on them. If this ever changes though, the Roku would be a real contender in my book.

While Kodi is great – the one caveat with it and this applies to private streams on Roku also – is you really need to have a VPN in place to protect yourself. With Kodi and Roku it’s possible to access copyrighted content and without the protection of a VPN you could get into significant problems.

When it comes to VPNs I always recommend IPVanish. Not only do they have tons of servers around the world letting you bypass georestrictions, they also have a no-logging policy which ensures your information is always kept secure and private. With yearly packages available for less than $7/mo you can save almost 50% by clicking here.

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