SportsDevil Add-On for Kodi – Installation Guide

Kodi is known for its compatibility with tons of entertaining add-ons to let you enjoy the streaming of almost all type of programs. When it comes to sports, the SportsDevil add-on perhaps serves the purpose in the most effective manner. While this addon is older than Sports 365 it still functions quite well and the two complement each other quite well.

Why Kodi?

Kodi is one of the most popular media players on the market with a tremendous ability to accommodate tons of live streaming add-ons. Its revolutionizing features have convinced millions around the world and the number of users is on the rise.

However, with Kodi and any streaming media tool, it is important to consider security and protection. Not too long ago, legislation was changed – this was the net neutrality law – and it disallowed individual protections. This meant that ISPs could start monitoring online activity and if you were discovered to be streaming they could block or buffer your connection using the excuse of “fair use” policies. In addition to this, if you are discovered to be streaming copyrighted content, that could also lead to issues.

Another problem experienced by many online is known as geo-restriction. This is when you’re unable to stream content based on your location. As you can well imagine this can be extremely annoying as the content is publicly available, just not in your area.

Why You Need IPVanish with Kodi

Thank God, you don’t have to worry anymore because a reliable VPN can effectively protect you from all legal constraints. You no longer have to worry about unauthorized access to your private information. The VPN basically creates a virtual tunnel which masks the link between the content you are watching and the device you are using. It means that nobody can monitor your device and streaming activities, not even your ISP.

ISPs keep monitoring the data usage and to limit it, they reduce the speed to your connection. In other words, you are paying for larger bandwidth but the ISP is shrinking it just to make sure that you don’t violate their fair use policy. A VPN like IPVanish protects your connection from this frustrating restriction.

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VPNs create a secure connection between your device and the VPN server. Any traffic sent over this link is completely private and encrypted. This means that your ISP is unable to determine your activities online.

the other benefit to VPNs is their ability to bypass restrictions on content. A VPN has the ability to mask your IP address. It means that you can access the content even if it is restricted in your region. The VPN assigns a fake IP that is suitable to access particular content. The ISP can’t detect the IP masking so you can now freely enjoy whatever content you want to stream online.

When it comes to VPNs I always recommend IPVanish. Not only do they have tons of servers around the world letting you bypass georestrictions, but they also have a no-logging policy which ensures your information is always kept secure and private. With yearly packages available for less than $7/mo you can save almost 50% by clicking here.

What Exactly is SportsDevil

If you love watching live sporting events, SportsDevil add-on is what you must install on Kodi. This add-on brings to you an extensive variety of sports channels and the good news is that all these channels are completely free to stream online as long as you have a VPN like IPVanish in place. Remember some of these links provide access to copyright content so without a VPN you leave yourself very vulnerable.

What makes SportsDevil add-on extremely entertaining is that it facilitates you with HD channels. The downloading process is fairly simple and quick.

SportsDevil Add-On Step by Step Installation on Kodi

Launch Kodi and follow the steps below:

Step 1.

  • Click Settings (or the gear icon you see on the top-left of the screen)
  • Look for the File Manager option and click on it
  • Now double click on the option Add Source

Step 2.

  • See the field stating NONE and double click on it
  • Type in else you can paste the link)
  • Click OK
  • Type in a name for the media source, for instance, Kodil Repo
  • Click Done
  • Click OK

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Step 3.

  • Return to Kodi home screen
  • Click on Add-ons
  • Now select My Add-ons
  • Select Install from zip file

Step 4.

  • Look for the name you typed in at the end of Step 2. In our case, it was Kodil Repo
  • Click Kodil Repo (or the name you typed)
  • Click downloaded file

Step 5.

  • Return to the Kodi home screen
  • Click Install from repository
  • Click Kodil Repository
  • Click SportsDevil

It will start the installation process which requires some time depending on the internet speed.

Step 6.

  • Upon installation, you’ll see a sign to Enable the add-on you installed, in this case, SportsDevil
  • After enabling the add-on, once more return to the Kodi home screen
  • Select Videos
  • Select Video Add-ons
  • Double click SportsDevil to launch the add-on

Once launched, the add-on will present you with a list of channels, and it is indeed an extensive list. Now repeat the installation procedure on your device and start enjoying one of the most comprehensive add-ons offering HD sports channels all for free.

Is there really a Kodi VPN?

Often we come across a question stating is there really a Kodi VPN, an exclusive VPN service for Kodi?

We need to sort it out once for all. Till now, Kodi is a streaming software which runs independently. It means that Kodi developers haven’t introduced any Kodi-exclusive VPN.

In addition, Kodi VPN is a term people often use to suggest any VPN that you can run alongside Kodi. So the term itself is tricky, sufficient enough to trigger the confusion.

No VPN or any other software runs inside Kodi. Any VPN you install has nothing to do with Kodi. A VPN actually encrypts the network connectivity information and often masks it to keep the device anonymous. A proxy server facilitates a VPN with alternate routing.

In simple words, the proxy server tricks the web server of the destination. It identifies the device’s location suggested by the proxy server. So the actual location and network information remain secret.

Certain channels and streaming links are limited to certain countries. This is a disturbing fact for all those who love watching sports from all over the world. This is where a VPN comes into play. When you try to access a channel, the VPN detects the issue and looks for the most suitable mask to assign the IP from a country that is not restricted to access that streaming link. In this way, without triggering the alarm of the ISP, you can safely enjoy all the channels available on an add-on. As the SportsDevil features scores of channels, you must have a VPN to stream all of them.

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