Step by Step Guide to Setup Kodi on Android TV Box in 2020

The only thing keeping you super entertained in this quarantine would be Kodi. It has become one of the most reliable and user-friendly platforms for your Android TV Box and a one-stop to avail features of all ideal TV boxes. But if the installation procedure seems a bit puzzling, then don’t worry, we got you covered!

With this step by step guide for Kodi Android TV Box Set-up, you will be able to enjoy your favorite shows and online content in no time!

  • First, make sure that your personal Google account is functional, if not then create one now for free and log in your TV box with that account.
  • Before installing Kodi, you must check if the device’s OS is compatible with the version of Kodi you are installing. If you are downloading the latest version (18.6), then the Android Operating System downloaded must be 5.0 or higher.
  • Now open Google Play Store application on your Android TV box.
Setup Kodi Android TV Box in 2020
  • Type Kodi in the search bar to find the Application
  • Choose the first application which is developed by the XMBC Foundation and press Install
official Kodi app for Smart TV Box
  • Next, you will receive a notification stating that Kodi is downloaded
official Kodi installed on Android TV Box
  • Open Kodi’s app and check if it is operational on your Android Box

You may need assistance if you are an amateur at setting up the latest version of Kodi. But we are here to help!

When you will open the Kodi’s application, the main menu will appear and different categories will appear: you may see the headings of Radio, TV Shows, Movies, Pictures, and Add-ons.

Kodi interface on Smart TV Box

Several categories that you view will be content-specific. If you are in a mood to watch Thor, you will search for it and then select it from available results. Next, a context menu will appear which will display different options about the movie, Thor. Observe the image below to get a better idea about how you can begin watching the movie, view additional options, and label it as already watched.

Install the Best VPN for Kodi in 2020

IPVanish is the best VPN service in 2020 for different streaming platforms including Stremio, Plex, and Kodi. The exciting news from IPVanish in July 2020 is that it has now removed all device restrictions. The new IPVanish policy now allows you to enjoy this premium VPN service with unmetered connections. In simple words, you can now connect as many devices to IPVanish connections as you want. This super-offer from IPVanish has been introduced keeping in mind the fact that almost every household features multiple devices using the Internet at the same time. There remains no need to select one or two devices for the VPN as IPVanish lets you connect all of them at the same time. This offer lets you protect personal information on each of the devices at home while allowing you to browse anonymously on all devices you own. Previously, IPVanish allowed connection to 10 devices but now there is no limit at all. This offer applies to all devices and individuals in your household.

IPVanish in 2020

Besides, the IPVanish Zero-Log policy has strengthened further. For the network access, active points are tallied and it is the standard practice in the VPN industry that is used to avoid infractions of violations and abuse. IPVanish has doubled its Zero-Logs commitment by eliminating the standard practice of active-point-tally. It simply means that IPVanish infrastructure remains blind (doesn’t detect or trace) the number of devices being used by one connection because the device limit has been removed for good.

Protection of all devices connected to the internet is much more than what most of the VPN users expect. IPVanish takes things to the next level with its unmetered VPN service, strong Zero-Log policy, and 1500 plus servers in 75 plus locations worldwide.

Click Here to Install IPVanish

Let us take a look at its most promising features:

  • Compatibility

IPVanish desktop applications for several operating systems, including Linux, macOS, and Windows. The VPN uses its popular CyberSec protects your device from malware threats, by blocking the detected websites that could be harmful and could pose a threat to the users.

  • Free Trial

IPVanish gives all its amazing services and features for 7 days to its new users for free to access! You can withdraw from the trial in case you are not pleased with the services. All the subscribers for this VPN are allowed to use these services on 6 different devices at a time and are also provided with encrypted proxy extensions for numerous browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

  • Customer Support

The customer support representatives at IPVanish are helpful and are always there to fix any complications that you are facing with the VPN. This application also has a great feature for virtual tourists, that let you link with servers in up to 60 countries around the globe due to its huge network.

  • Security

The VPN has a remote server to encrypt all the information from the users and hide the IP addresses so third-party websites cannot access it. IPVanish makes use of military-grade IKEv2 and OpenVPN technologies to encrypt the data of its users to ensure unidentified browsing.

  • Streaming

In IPVanish, the SmartPlay technology allows you to access over 400 geo-restricted streaming facilities like Amazon Prime, BBC, Netflix, and many many more. It also has mobile apps for Firestick TV and devices running on iOS and Firestick. Many VPNs tend to face difficulties working with Netflix because it someway cracks the IPs that belong to specific VPNs. As they have many servers, you do not have to be concerned about dealing with this issue with this VPN.

IP Vanish Back 2 School Offer (65% OFF)

IPVanish Back 2 School 65% OFF August 2020 offer

As the danger of the COVID-19 weakens but still lurks, IPVanish is here to care for what the students need. Online classes are still going on and since multiple students login to the single platform and interface, the risk of identity theft is higher.

  • IPVanish Back 2 School Annual Plan for $49/Year which is $4.16/Month
  • The offer ends on August 31, 2020

This tremendous opportunity lets you save 65% and this exclusive offer is the best for parents looking to protect the identity and personal information of their kids learning online. But it is open to everyone who is willing to subscribe NOW or before August 31st.

Set-up a Video Library at Kodi

Creating your Media Library is an essential part of setting up Kodi. But make sure that the format of your video files saved is compatible with Kodi. Thi format me be different from the regular and usual movies and videos’ format.

Now you will learn about Filename. The unique filename helps Kodi identify every individual file and distinguish it from the rest. The process of Kodi extracting data from files, like Filename is referred to as Scrapping.

Organize Kodi’s Media Library

If you are tired of seeing a chaotic Media Library, then choose either of the two below mentioned options to organize your media in an orderly way:

  • Create a single folder consisting of all the media files you own
  • Create an individual folder for every TV show, video, and media file to keep them separated

If you mention the year of media file’s release or creation in brackets along with the name, it will make the work (scrapping) of Kodi easier to discern between your files.

Set-up Your Kodi’s Music Library

The latest Kodi version is more automated and allows you to easily fill your Music Library. Now, when you will add a new source, automatically the system will ask for your consent to scan all the music files in the folder. You didn’t have this luxury earlier. Now you wouldn’t have to open the context menu and manually select the “Scan to Library” option.

Create Your Photo Library

With Kodi, you can add pictures in the Media Library with your favorite music and videos! You may not find advance and complex features like those available in the photo viewer of Kodi. But what are add-ons for? With the correct and reliable add-ons, you can create your personalized and customized  Photo Library.

Populate your Library with media files

The process to add different media files, irrespective of their type (videos, movies, music, etc), in the Library is quite similar. 

Let’s review how to add Pictures in the Media Library so you get the basic idea. Follow these guidelines:

  • Choose the category of Pictures
  • Select the add pictures option only
  • Next, you need to mention the source of the picture, Choose the Browse option as you may not remember the file path word-by-word. 
  • Via scrapping, Kodi will identify all the drives connected and data stored in them
  • For this example, the SMB device contains pictures that are to be transported.
setting up Kodi on Android TV Box in 2020
  • Manually search for the folder where pictures are saved and open it
  • If you have located the correct folder, select OK to move forward
  • Now you will reach the Picture source window and the path will be mentioned
  • Type in the Folder’s name, like in this example its Pictures. Then click OK.
  • Now, you will be redirected to the Pictures category and you can open and see your folder

I hope that this guide will help you setup Kodi on Android TV Box to make it more versatile and entertaining. Don’t forget to install the VPN since Kodi is an open-source platform and you never know what’s downloading with the community add-ons. The VPN will protect your device from data compromise and will maintain optimal privacy while you are online.

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