The Best Method to Watch TVB Online From Overseas – Tried & Tested!

Thousands of users have developed a fascination for TVB and thousands abroad are longing for this impressive TV station. But there is one major obstacle. TVB is based in Hong Kong. It has been a tough ask to access this channel from anywhere outside Hong Kong.

But you need not get disappointed anymore. In this post, we are going to reveal the working TVB online streaming method that really works anywhere in the world.

What Exactly is TVB?

Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) is a television station that is based on Hong Kong and is popular all over the world for broadcasting Cantonese shows. If you are in Hong Kong, you are lucky to have free TVB streaming service. But what if you are living in some other country?

TVB is now a network of 5 terrestrial TV channels. TVB Jade is the most popular as if features Cantonese language programs. If you aren’t comfortable with the language hazard then you must opt for TVB Pearl as that features programs in English. The channel started broadcasting in November 1967. Back then, TVB was actually popularly called Wireless Television.

TVB dramas are extremely popular hence encouraging the viewers all over the world to find ways to stream TVB from overseas. In addition, the channel also broadcasts the Miss Chinese International and Miss Hong Kong pageants. Arguably, TVB is the most popular entertainment TV channel in Hong Kong.

Watch Free TVB Dramas Online

When it comes to the production of TV shows, TVB takes pride in producing the most number of TV shows as compared to any other Asian channel (feel free to correct me in the comments section if I am wrong).

Some of its most popular productions include Rogue Emperor, The Unholy Alliance, and Legal Mavericks.

The free online TVB streaming services are known as myTV Super and most of the channel’s viewers make the most of this service in Hong Kong.

The good news about live streaming service is that it allows you to see programs on-demand. Even if you miss a program, you can watch it later by going through the extensive list of all programs.

TVB Live Streaming

So the question here is, how you can access myTV Super from overseas?
Now you could use a Kodi addon like Galactus and some fancy tricks to watch all of the same shows, but it’s actually even easier than you might think with a VPN.

Previously, it has been a tough ask and nobody could present a lasting and reliable solution. The legal constraints played a huge role to limit TVB streaming to Hong Kong only.

In addition, the channel privileged only a few providers with the myTV Super streaming license. In simple words, geo-restriction is in place which is extremely frustrating for all TVB lovers outside Hong Kong.

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But thanks to the introduction of some impressive techniques, we are finally able to enjoy the Cantonese entertainment channel without spending lots of money or jumping through tons of hoops!

Today, we are able to enjoy TVB on smartphones, tabs, and laptops without having to worry about legalities. But for this, you first need to get your device ready for TVB streaming. Let’s see what you need!

VPN for TVB Online Streaming

A VPN like IPVanish is the most dependable option to safely stream your favorite channels online. The best thing is that a VPN doesn’t hinder the performance of the programs because it has nothing to do with the programs running on the system. It just facilitates the system with its IP masking ability.

When it is the case of geo-restrictions, you are actually trying to find a way to bypass the IP watchdogs. This is why a VPN serves the purpose most efficiently than anything else. A VPN hides your original location by guarding all the network information. Instead, it uses a proxy server to manipulate the network information.

Get a VPN

The first thing you need is to select the best VPN for streaming TVB online. When it comes to VPNs I always recommend IPVanish. Not only do they have tons of servers around the world letting you bypass georestrictions, but they also have a no-logging policy which ensures your information is always kept secure and private. With yearly packages available for less than $7/mo you can save almost 50% by clicking here.

Once you have selected, the next step is the installation of the VPN client or you can use the App for your smartphones. Create your account, log in and start browsing without worrying about leakage of your network’s information.

Select the Virtual Server

For TVB streaming, you need to select Hong Kong as the virtual VPN server. It will assign a virtual IP that belongs to Hong Kong. Since TVB is free to use in Hong Kong, the service will be available for free thanks to the VPN.

Download TVB App

Once your VPN successfully masks your network with a Hong Kong-based IP, you need to download access TVB website. Look for the App that is available for iOS or Android, depending on your device. Go to the App Store / Play Store, search for the App and install it.

Once the App is installed, register and log in. Once done, you are free to enjoy TVB live streaming or browse through the list of programs you want to retrieve.

Tip from a Pro!

If you are from Europe, you need to realize that the time difference is 8-hrs or so & it’s even greater from North America. So you need to keep this time difference when you are planning to watch TVB free live streaming.

Don’t worry if you still miss the program you wanted to watch because the App allows you to watch all programs simply by accessing the catch-up section.

Make sure that you have a fast internet connection because HD TVB live streaming doesn’t work well if the speed is slow. This is another reason why you need a VPN. A VPN keeps your ISP away from detecting your data usage so there is no chance of throttle.

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