Top 3 Kodi Add-ons to Watch The Lion King 2019

To watch The Lion King 2019 isn’t about trying to find something new, rather it is about experiencing the modern art and appreciating the fact that the animation industry has traveled so far in the right direction.

Disney is the name of ultimate entertainment and what it has done over the past few decades is quite an achievement. This July is extremely promising as Disney is set for the return of the all-time famous Lion King with all its amazing animation technology to elevate animation industry to the highest standards. But where to stream Lion King HD online in addition to scores of other Disney ventures? Kodi add-ons can make things simple but you need to first shortlist the best Kodi addons to watch The Lion King 2019.

Too Much Criticism – Is There a Watch The Lion King 2019?

Yes, critics aren’t going to spare a moment of pointing out what the movie should have been but the point is, Disney knows the game and it is the Godfather of the animation industry. They call it a modern remake of the predecessor, they point out the identical scenes, and they don’t like the repetition of the same events we’ve seen decades ago. Fair enough, to watch The Lion King 2019 isn’t about trying to find something new, rather it is about experiencing the modern art and appreciating the fact that the animation industry has traveled so far in the right direction.

Security First – Before You Watch The Lion King 2019 on Kodi

Let’s not forget the significance of the security of your internet connection. The Lion King 2019 isn’t going to be that easy because copyright laws will definitely come into play.

You need to mask your identity by masking the IP address. You can do it with the help of a reliable VPN.

Is There a 100% Reliable VPN?

Based on our experience and what we concluded after trying over 20 VPN services, we can’t think of anything better than IPVanish. It has servers all over the world which help anonymize your activities online. Also by accessing servers in other countries, it’s possible to bypass any geographic restrictions and with over 6000+ servers around the world, IPVanish makes this simple and easy. Finally, IPVanish supports almost every client imaginable – regardless of the device you’re using to stream, you’ll find that you can use IPVanish VPN services to protect yourself.

IPVanish offers a 7-day money back guarantee which means you have a week to test it risk-free. Please note that StreamingMediaGuide readers save on the IPVanish annual plan. Click here to give it a test drive.

Our Recommended Kodi Addons for Watching The Lion King 2019

Let’s be fair, these Kodi addons for Disney Movies have been doing a tremendous job over the years but still, we can’t guarantee which of these is going to entertain The Lion King 2019. But we are pretty sure that trying all of these will definitely work if you want to watch The Lion King 2019 on Kodi.

Let’s move on to our list of top Kodi Addons to Watch The Lion King 2019.

1. Supremacy

Supremacy is arguably the top-rated Kodi addon for Disney lovers. You can access a huge variety of Kid’s collection as well as animated movies.  The variety of formats is the major reason for putting Supremacy at the top of the list.

You all are aware of how crucial the video quality becomes when we talk about animation movies. Supremacy also features Kid’s TV, Live TV, Disney Junior, Disney Channel, and Disney XD. The best part is that Supremacy facilitates you with over 15 IPTV channels you can live-stream from anywhere by using an efficient VPN.

2. Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack isn’t the alfa in the list but still a promising Kodi addon you can rely on to watch The Lion King 2019 online.  This addon comes with HQ video content from Disney. We love the organization of content on Wolf Pack and notifies you with timely updates about the upcoming content. The number of deadlinks is also minimum with Wolf Pack Kodi addon.

Image result for Wolf Pack kodi addon

In addition to over 150 movies from Disney, Wolf Pack offers other categories which as well. As Wolf Pack specializes in Kid’s content and carries an extensive variety of Disney Movies, there are high chances that you’ll find The Lion King 2019 on this addon in coming few weeks.

3. Prometheus

This is another exceptional add-on for kids interested in Disney’s productions. The speed is exceptional and the content quality is pretty satisfying. Prometheus contains over 80 Disney titles in the kid’s section and the quality is super awesome.

Image result for Prometheus kodi addon

The best thing about Prometheus is the mixture of new and old movies and watching some of them from the 90s or even 70s will take you back to your childhood. We are pretty sure that The Lion King 2019 is going to be there on Prometheus and it is only the question of when.


There are other promising Kodi add-ons you can try to stream content from Disney. As Kodi keeps adding and removing add-ons on a frequent basis, we can never be sure of when something stops working so it is better to have multiple options instead of relying on one or two.

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  1. I see you only recommend one VPN, but there’s plenty more that work with Kodi. Surfshark is the one I use, but I know my brother in law uses ExpressVPN, so saying you won’t find anything better is a slight exaggeration, isn’t it?

    1. Hi Ron – thanks for taking the time to comment! You’re right … there are many different VPNs on the market. I’ve had an opportunity to use quite a few (IPVanish, Nord, Shellfire, Opera and others) over the years and they’re not bad. I do find myself coming back to IPVanish though as pricing wise it’s pretty good and it has clients for every device I own. The “no logging” policy is a definite plus in my book + the thousands of servers around the world. It definitely makes it easier for me to watch stuff without worrying about things. That being said, we’re planning on having a monthly review of different VPNs on this site where we’ll try to compare pro’s and con’s in as unbiased a way as possible – stay tuned!

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