Top 3 Why Reasons You Need a VPN for Kodi in 2019

It really is important to keep things on track in accordance with the constant developments about the legislation concerning online streaming and privacy of internet users. There must be a line to ensure the privacy of the internet users but at the moment, things don’t look promising. The amendments in the law put the privacy of internet users in a vulnerable position. This is why it is important to focus more on why you need a VPN for Kodi in 2019.

VPN for Kodi in 2019

Privacy – The Basic Right

Why you keep the front door closed especially during the night hours? Why everybody locks his/her car after parking it downtown? Kodi users often argue that they don’t care because nobody has enough time to monitor your internet activities. In addition, they think that only organizations and companies holding sophisticated information need privacy. Well, everybody is not look looking to steal your car or break into your house. But you still lock your car and close the front door of your house just to make sure that nobody notices anything vulnerable.

How VPN works

A VPN for Kodi is important for various reasons and it is far serious than you might think. There are thousands of Kodi users who claim that Kodi is just a streaming platform and it doesn’t create much trouble even if somebody hacks it. You need to change this thinking pattern. A bunch of watchdogs is basically looking to steal your personal information, no matter if you are a common individual or a CEO of an organization. They need your personal information so that they can sell it to advertising agencies.

Hackers want Your Netflix Credentials

Here is something interesting. There are hackers who steal Netflix credentials to access your email IP address, phone number, email address, and your payment method associated with Netflix billing. If you don’t even use Netflix, you need to think about the risk your Kodi platform is facing. Most of the Kodi users love accessing streaming links to Live TV, movies, Sports Channels, and more and they generally prefer using third-party add-ons. This is a major security risk because some developers have been found guilty of performing malicious activities behind the curtain. They try their best to access your device in order to extract usernames and passwords you use for various online accounts. They are not looking to hack your devices for fun, they really have serious intentions and it’s the time to protect your devices and Kodi with effective solutions.

Let’s have a look at the top 3 reasons you need a VPN for Kodi:

1. Ensure Complete Privacy

Anonymity differs from privacy. But when it comes to protecting your Kodi from unauthorized access, you basically need to remain anonymous in order to make sure that your information and stuff remains private. A Virtual Private Network service can get the job done without creating much fuss.

Remember, the ISPs now have legal permission (in most of the countries) to constantly monitor your online activities. How does it feel if someone stands by your shoulders watching each and every key you press on the pad? And how it feels when the observer leaks each and every bit of information to someone completely unknown to you? ISPs have a lot to do with what you stream, your likings, and your interests.

Remember, the ISP invests a lot of money and the service provider wants to earn a profit. When the internet users stream more and more videos, they basically are adding up the cost of the ISP. They don’t like people constantly consuming much more data than an average user who is mainly interested in Facebook instead of video streaming.

To stop you from streaming too much, the ISPs tend to slow down the speed during the peak hours. This is a strategy to control the use of data in order to control the cost. A VPN masks your IP address. This is why the ISP doesn’t recognize your connection and you can avoid speed throttles. The VPN encrypts the information and passes it through a private tunnel that is inaccessible for the ISP or the hackers. This is how you protect your information.

2. Remain Anonymous

It might sound like something malicious but it has become the need of the hour. The problem is that new laws have authorized the ISPs to gather and sell the personal information of the internet users to advertisers and government agencies. It clearly breaches the basic right to privacy. You’ll never want to share your medical history, email addresses, financial accounts, and even the information about your family, to an unknown entity. But this is happening with most of the internet users across the globe. For advertising agencies, your personal information is none less than gold dust.

You must have every right to keep your information to yourself. We recommend using a reliable VPN service to stop ISPs and other watchdogs from accessing and selling the information you’ll never want to share with anybody.

3. Say Goodbye to All Limits

What if you want to watch the Premier League on Kodi and suddenly you are told that you can’t access Live Action for legal reasons? Who on earth is there to stop you from enjoying your favorite sporting events?

Kodi streaming block for Premier League

But there are strict actions taking place on the other side of the picture. The new Kodi streaming block for the Premier League is in place and there are 100s of other blocks streaming block ready to stop you from accessing your favorite videos. This is where a VPN turns the table in your favor. With a VPN for Kodi, you can stream video content without limits.

Best VPN for Kodi

There are various VPN services promising a lot in terms of privacy and efficiency but after using a number of these services, we have come to the conclusion that IPVanish is the best available option. We have tried Le VPN and NordVPN as well but they are not as effective as IPVanish.

IPVanish has servers all over the world which help anonymize your activities online. Also by accessing servers in other countries, it’s possible to bypass any geographic restrictions and with over 6000+ servers around the world, IPVanish makes this simple and easy. Finally, IPVanish supports almost every client imaginable – regardless of the device you’re using to stream, you’ll find that you can use IPVanish VPN services to protect yourself.

IPVanish offers a 7-day money-back guarantee which means you have a week to test it risk-free. Please note that StreamingMediaGuide readers save on the IPVanish annual plan. Click here to give it a test drive.

In the beginning, almost all VPNs tend to impress but you get to know the truth in the long run. IPVanish and simple and user-friendly.  Its screen is clutter-free and you have a good idea of what’s happening. The ON/OFF status icon reveals the speed and data usage of your connection. It keeps statistics simple so there remains nothing complex to worry about.