Top 4 Ways to Stream Bollywood Movies 

For all the fans of Indian cinema, watching Bollywood movies are something more than ordinary viewership. The industry is so large that every day new movies hit the box office. You can’t just manage to visit cinemas all the time and when you have Kodi, you need not look for another option.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a media management platform that allows you to stream video content from 100s of sources. Most of the media management platforms are Hollywood-centered but there is no need to worry because we have some extremely reliable Add-ons on Kodi to watch Bollywood movies for free.

Kodi is an open source platform which means that you can stream video content from various official and unofficial (third-party) sources. To stream content from the third-party sources, you need to customize downloading settings accordingly to allow the system to download content from unofficial repositories.

Along with countless numbers of benefits, media management platforms like Kodi require you to stream carefully. In other words, you can’t afford to overlook the copyright act. Various sources don’t filter the content on the basis of copyright protection. This is why you need to arrange for a reliable solution before streaming content from online sources.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the Solution

Not all Bollywood movies are available for free. Most of the new movies come with copyright act protection. It means that you need to somehow mask the identity of your network to keep yourself safe from the watchdogs.

Government agencies keep looking for violations and once they detect a violation, they interrupt your internet connection. This is the least you could expect. Things don’t stop here. The government agencies can charge you for accessing copyright-protected content which could lead to hefty fines or even jail!

To avoid complications you need to find a solution, but how can you suppress your desire to watch latest Bollywood movies? This is where a Virtual Private Network like IPVanish comes into play.

  • A VPN protects you from multiple problems. First of all, a VPN allows you to stream anonymously. The ISP will never know about your online activities because the VPN assigns your network with a fake IP address from a virtual location.
  • In addition, the VPN creates a tunnel that bypasses the original stream of data from the ISP. The VPN encrypts this data tunnel from its endpoints (terminals). The encryption makes sure that your ISP, a government agency or any other watchdog doesn’t detect what you are streaming.
  • Most of the ISPs tend to limit the speed of the connection during peak hours. It mostly happens to non-premium connections. But a VPN protects you from this issue. As a VPN keeps your connection anonymous, your ISP doesn’t recognize you as a non-premium user so the speed of your connection doesn’t suffer even during the peak hours.
  • A VPN works independently. It doesn’t interrupt the software you are using for online streaming which means that there is no chance of corrupting the software that is mostly the case when a third-party program works while interrupting a software.


Before you continue reading, understand the significantly higher risks of streaming online today. In fact, this applies to any device online as well as your smartphone or tablet. 

Not too long ago users online enjoyed a certain degree of anonymity due to the Net Neutrality laws. However, in 2018, these laws were repealed. This means your own Internet Service Provider can legally sell your personal data (such as health records, security information, and browsing history). 

In addition, they can monitor your online traffic to ensure that you are in compliance with their “fair use” policy. Streaming is generally quite bandwidth heavy and you’ll find ISPs often buffer user traffic which drastically impacts the streams and makes them unwatchable.

After you install a streaming app on your device or even if you’ve already installed one – make sure you secure your streaming data with a no-logging VPN like IPVanish. This is your only protection and it’s worth the nominal investment.

IPVanish has servers all over the world which help anonymize your activities online. Also by accessing servers in other countries, it’s possible to bypass any geographic restrictions and with over 6000+ servers around the world, IPVanish makes this simple and easy. Finally, IPVanish supports almost every client imaginable – regardless of the device you’re using to stream, you’ll find that you can use IPVanish VPN services to protect yourself.

IPVanish offers a 7-day money back guarantee which means you have a week to test it risk-free. Please note that StreamingMediaGuide readers save on the IPVanish annual plan. Click here to give it a test drive.


Now is the time to have a look at the top 4 Kodi Add-ons to watch Bollywood movies.

Best Kodi Add-ons to Watch Bollywood Movies

1. Einthusan

If you love streaming Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, and Urdu movies then Einthusan is what you need to install. This is a third-party add-on you can install on Kodi to enjoy all the latest Bollywood movies for free. The streaming quality of top-notch but most of the content is copyright protected so don’t forget to launch the VPN before using this Add-on.

2. Filmon TV

As the name suggests, this add-on brings to you an extensive variety of Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

You can stream movies from the last decade as well as the ones recently released. Filmon TV features over 400 channels. Once again, when it comes to live streaming, you need to take extra care. Never ever streaming live channels without a VPN in place.

3. ErosNOW

If you are looking for the variety, i.e. TV shows, movies, and stand-up comedy then ErosNOW is the best choice.

India is a large country and there are 100s of regional languages. This add-on serves you with the content in different languages you can choose from, for instance, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, and Gujarati, etc.

4. Genesis Reborn

This add-on adds pleasure to free entertainment.

It serves you with Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies. Apart from the movies, you can also watch TV shows, including Indian shows in HD quality.

Eros Now requires an account unlike the other add-ons in this list. However the nominal fee is well worth the investment.


Bollywood is a huge industry and every week scores of new movies emerge like a storm. The quality of these movies is exceptional and those who have developed a taste for Indian cinema, these add-ons are no less than priceless gems.

Kodi being the most popular media organizer keeps facilitating you with reliable add-ons. Update in the comments which add-ons worked and didn’t for you!

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