Top 5 Anime Kodi Addons Working in November 2020

Japanese style animations often take me back to that magical childhood occupied by the likes of Street Fighter. I am not alone in this, most of the streaming geeks love anime movies and series but where to find the best ones? I’ve already enlisted the 5 best websites to watch anime series in 2020 and today it is the time to explore the 5 best Anime Kodi add-ons still working in November 2020.

What Exactly is an Anime Movie or Series?

The term is driven from the word Animation but it exclusively refers to the animations created in Japanese style. Not only in Asia but also in Europe and the United States are home to millions of anime lovers.  Finding the working anime Kodi addons is challenging since most of the addons deal with movies, TV Shows, and sports. However, you need to carefully explore these addons to see if there is a rich list of anime titles somewhere under the main categories. I’ve selected the top 5 anime Kodi addons still functional in November 2020. Don’t forget to correct me if any of these add-ons stop working at any time so that I can update the post with a reliable alternative.

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Top 5 Working Anime Kodi Addons in November 2020

1. Asgard

The main interface of Asgard Kodi addon has an Anime section. The number of titles is limited but still great for anyone interested in watching some of the best Anime TV Shows for free. Anime TV Shows and Anime TV Shows 2 are the two sections you need to consider.

Asgard addon Anime Shows

Free links are stable and don’t take much time to play. I love the simple layout of this addon. However, a VPN can optimize the speed of the free links on the Asgard addon.

2. Apex

This all-in-one addon has an Anime section in the Movies category on the main page. Once in the Movies section, search Genre and select it. In the genre list, select Anime movies.

watch Anime Movies on Apex addon

Use the same path in the TV Shows section on the main page to watch Anime TV Shows. Most of the free links are stable and consistent and the streaming quality is reasonable.

watch Anime TV Shows on Apex Addon

You can also explore Anime TV Shows and Anime Movies in the Kids section.

3. Blade Runner

Install Blade Runner from the new repository. Go to Movies on the home page and hit Genre. Select Anime and the screen will show around 40 Anime Movie titles you can watch for free.  

watch free Anime movies on Blade Runner Kodi addon

Just like you see with the Apex add-on, Blade Runner also offers Anime TV Shows under the TV Show category. This section also has over 30 Anime TV Show titles you can watch for free on Kodi.

4. Shadow

Finding Anime titles is a bit tricky on Shadow addon. Here is the path:

  • Select TV World
  • Open Genre
  • Enter Kids

Inside the Kids section, you will have to scroll through different titles to find and play Anime shows.

watch free Anime on Shadow Kodi addon

5. ConTV

In terms of the number of Anime titles, ConTV takes the lead. The home page has an exclusive Anime section you can explore to browse through popular Anime titles.

watch free Anime on ConTV Kodi addon

In addition to Anime Movies and Shows, ConTV offers rich content for kids in general.


I’ve listed the third-party Anime Kodi addons working in 2020. Since they come from community developers, please avoid taking risk of running these addons without a VPN since some of these addons use torrenting sources or scrapers which access risky public domain servers.