Top 5 Websites to Watch Anime Series for Free in 2020?

I know how frustrating it is to find a genuine source to watch the latest Anime Series for Free in 2020. And even we find some functional anime streaming sites; they are filled with inappropriate ads such as adult sites or other irritating ads. Therefore, finding the best websites to watch anime series for free is a hell of a task. But don’t worry, I have spent a good amount of my time finding where to watch anime series for free in 2020.

What is Anime?

Anime is a hand-drawn, and computer animation originated from Japan. This genre featuring Japanese style animated movies and TV shows has gained much popularity across different continents worldwide. Unfortunately, most websites that give access to watch anime series for free are restricted in many countries. 

Before moving on to the top 5 websites to watch anime series in 2020 for free, it is important to talk about anonymous and safe streaming to avoid DMCA notices, and ISP monitoring.

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  • Streaming

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Top 5 Websites to Watch Anime Series for Free in 2020

1. KissAnime

KissAnime is an anime streaming website. It has a simple interface, and it loads quite quickly than the other websites. On the home page, you will see a thumbnail containing a vast collection of anime thumbnails from which you can play the anime of your choice. For the convenience of the user, it has the Genres tab for the convenient search.

Although KissAnime is a good website, yet it has two prominent flaws. First, it doesn’t have the option to change the video quality (resolution). Second, the website allows sudden pop-ups of ads, which is quite irritating for almost all users.

2. AnimeFreak

Another good website to watch anime series for free in 2020 is AnimeFreak. This anime streaming website has a massive collection of titles and episodes to watch. But again, the color scheme and graphics are not that impressive. Additionally, the titles are arranged in a database-style alphabetic order that may confuse you at first but once to get used to it; it won’t take much of your time next time you binge-watch an anime series.

3. MyAnimeList

I know how much we hate sudden pop-ups of ads during the streaming time. To watch anime series for free and have the least number of ads on the website, MyAnimeList is best.MyAnimeList is user-friendly and has displayed the titles with short descriptions, ratings, reviews, and the Anime series’s characters. Though it’s a popular website, yet it is restricted in many regions. For that, you may have to run the VPN to unblock this website in your country. 

4. Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet is another promising and free anime streaming website. The interesting thing about this website is that its interface options allow you to make friends. You can easily join communities, follow the users of this website, and as well as can see the watchlist of other users. But to have access to this website, you need to have a VPN running to unblock this website in most parts of the United States, Europe, and Asia.

5. Funimation

Funimation – indeed, a fun and entertaining website for anime lover to watch Anime Series for free in 2020. The anime lovers know how convenient and user-friendly this website is for binge-watching Dragon Ball Super, Attack on Titan, or other exciting series. Funimation has decently arranged the titles, plus it has exceptional video quality (resolution).

Funimation has both free and paid versions. The free version shows ads during the video while the paid version is ad-free. 


I must say that the above-mentioned websites are among the best ones to watch Anime Series for free in 2020. The free streaming website comes with ads during the video. Some of these websites are also restricted in some regions; therefore, you need a VPN to unblock the website. Installing a VPN will also help to speed up your streaming. 

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