Updated Guide to Install Fight Club Kodi Addon (June 2020 Update)

For anyone looking to watch UFC Fight Night, Boxing and WWE on Kodi, this add-on installation post is gold dust. This is the updated step-by-step guide to install Fight Club Kodi add-on in 2020. The new Fight Club add-on update is much improved. The user interface is more convenient and I’m impressed with the organization of the media library. It is super-easy to browse through different events in chronological order to watch the fight you love. Fight Club lets you watch Boxing, UFC Fight Night, UFC PPV, WWE RAW, Smackdown, NXT, and much more.

install Fight Club Kodi addon 2020

Advantages of Installing Fight Club Kodi Addon

  • Well organized media library
  • Updates latest WWE and UFC events
  • On-demand videos (fight by fight)
  • Browse through events in chronological order to easily access the epic fights from the past
  • Run fight-by-fight videos instead of the whole event at once. Only select the fight you want to watch.
  • Play UFC PPV videos
  • Play UFC Fight Night
  • The add-on covers all major WWE Events including RAW, Smackdown, and NXT
  • Play Boxing matches
Fight Club Kodi addon 2020

Fight Club Repository: Stream Army Repo

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Latest Method to Install Fight Club Kodi Addon

Fight Club is a 3rd party add-on so first you need to check if Download from Unknown Sources is Enabled.

  • Launch Kodi and access settings via the cog-wheel icon. Then go to the system.
  • Place the cursor over add-ons – the option along with the left panel of the screen.
  • On the right panel, toggle the button next to download from unknown sources and hit OK to save settings. You can reverse these settings after you install the Fight Club add-on.
Kodi addon download settings

Steps to Install Fight Club Addon on Kodi in 2020

  • From the settings screen, select the Folder (File Manager)
  • Double Click or select Add Source
  • Select or Double Click on <None>
  • Type the URL to Stream Army Repo or paste it in the text field.


  • The system will ask you to provide a Media Source Name. I’ve typed Stream Army. You can set whatever name you like. Press OK and return to Settings
Stream Army Repo ULR Kodi
  • Go to Package Installer (Add-ons)
  • Select Install from zip file
  • Click on Stream Army (Or whatever media source name you’ve typed)
  • Select repository.StreamArmy-12.0.001.zip
Stream Repo install from zip file on Kodi
  • You will see a notification stating Stream Army Repo installed
  • Click install from repository
  • Find Stream Army Repo and open it
  • Select video-addons
  • From the add-on list, select Fight Club and press install
  • Return to Kodi Home Screen, access video add-ons and launch Fight Club

Here is our guide to successfully run Fight Club Add-on on Kodi in 2020.


Before you install Fight Club Kodi addon, please ensure privacy and anonymous streaming before you watch UFC Fight Night and other fight sports on Kodi. You can do it simply by installing and running a premium VPN service. It will also protect your devices from hackers at public places with shared WiFi connections.

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